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My specialties are on-line and social media marketing with solopreneurs, small businesses and sociable people. Together we’ll make it work for your business

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Create your social media strategy with the Social Media Map e-course designed to fit perfectly around all of your other commitments

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Kindle eBook The Real Meaning of Socialism – How your business can become social and Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn by Melanie Mackie

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Have Some Fun With Social Media

We’ve been in France recently and since our return, our Lola has decided that when I am at my desk […]

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Do You Have Clarity on Your Niche?

The holy grail of marketing is niching. Every business must know, demonstrate and have complete clarity on their niche, including […]

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Hello and welcome to Scarletta’s virtual home

There’s an art to social media, it’s not rocket science, but it is getting the balance of purpose and personality spot on.

As when you define your purpose for using social media and know how to express your personality the magic happens.

Your people find you to connect. Social media works for you and your business.

And you see the social world differently and become successfully social.

Scarletta will show you the way forward.