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Scarletta Social Styling Sessions. To bring you and your petite business to life online with a blend of personal branding, social styling and strategy.

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Scarletta E-learning and Online Masterclasses all designed to be simple, easy-to-follow and logical for you to implement for your petite business

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Kindle eBook The Real Meaning of Socialism – How your business can become social and Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn by Melanie Mackie

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Are You Ready to Flourish With Me?

When Scarletta launched in 2009 it was to help businesses to learn about how to tweet and use Facebook and […]

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What a Great Online Marketing Idea

I thought podcasting would be a great online marketing addition for Scarletta. I don’t listen to podcasts personally, as I […]

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Hello and a warm welcome to Scarletta’s

Social styling is ideal for petite business owners who want clarity and confidence to express their unique talent and engaging online personas in their own way. To feel the freedom to create the content you want to create, share it online in the right places and establish and demonstrate the social style that works for you and your people.

And you’ll hang out online in the places you love being to connect more deeply with others who really want to get to know all about you and your work.

Your mind, your vision, your story and voice is valuable, let’s bring it all to life online.