Meet Melanie

Melanie Mackie Social Stylist and Founder at Scarletta

Scarletta Media Styling sessionHello I am Melanie.

As the Social Stylist at Scarletta I love working with female entrepreneurs and petite businesses. Guiding and supporting you to stop hiding and start powerfully showing up online.

Helping you work out what you want to say and creating your authentic social media style and living brand around you, your petite business and your people.

My job and mission is to bring the real you to life in the virtual world.

To encourage and empower you to speak your truth and establish your unique social voice.

And powerfully show up and share your expertise and wisdom so that the people who need to hear from you find you easily online and choose to connect with you.

My gift is the ability to see your gift and working together I give my insights, expertise, tools and support to fully bring you and your petite business to life online, whilst enabling you to embrace and nurture your own real-life social media style and living brand.

This is what I do.

And I’d love to help you

As an early adopter of social media marketing in the UK for business I have been immersed in the online and social media world since 2008. Working on campaigns for business owners, SME businesses and the corporate world across various sectors.

Since working for myself and growing my petite business, Scarletta Media I uncovered a love of working with creative small business owners, independent professionals, sole-traders and soulpreneurs.

Collectively I like to call us petite businesses. As “small” sounds small and insignificant. And we’re definitely not that. So petite it is.

The Scarletta Tribe are:

Inspiring and aspiring soulprenuers, writers and bloggers, indie professionals, coaches and consultants, creative artists and powerful influential change makers.

Scarletta Media Styling sessionMy tribe tends to be female entrepreneurs who offer their unique talent serving others. I also work with practice-based professionals like website developers and graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and all creative types from anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

These days I am fortunate to work with inspirational and amazingly talented people who have incredible knowledge to help serve others and share with the world. But often for one reason or another it’s buried, hidden away and invisible online.

I love working with women in business and helping empower them to share their own wisdom, expertise, struggles and successes online. 

My gift is seeing your gifts so if you’re ready to be seen, heard and valued online I’d love to help you too?


Up close and personal

Scarletta Media Styling sessionOther than being the Social Stylist at Scarletta I write, am into mindfulness, meditation and yoga, wife to Mr Scarletta and Mummy to Billy and Lola our Monkey Mogs.

I love having the freedom to explore and travel, enjoy meeting people for deep conversations and heart-felt connections and am a spiritual hippie at heart.scarlettamedia_divflourish

Writer, blogger and speaker

I share my insights, experience and what I have learned about social media marketing for petite businesses and socialpreneurs on Scarletta’s Blog and within Scarletta eNews. You can also have a read about the social revolution in my eBook “The Real Meaning of Socialism” it’s available to purchase on Amazon Kindle.

I regularly speak at events about the social world if you’re looking for a social speaker let’s have a chat.

What would you like to do now?

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