Need a Social Media Speaker with absolute authenticity?

Looking for a social media speaker for your live event, online interview or podcast?

Do get in touch and we’ll sort out dates and availability. Please note I am based in South West London and Surrey, UK and love doing interviews online too.

I do like being social and talking about the social revolution and social media for business in the real world too, so if you’d like me to come along and speak at your event or interview me for your print or online material thanks very much for thinking of me.

The topics I love to talk about are:

  • Social media styling and strategies for petite businesses
  • Being a female entrepreneur in business
  • Creating a personal and living brand
  • Authentic social media marketing

For all media requests please email

I regularly speak at events and have been interviewed for the MacCauley and Co show on BBC Radio Scotland, delivered a social keynote at the OM Yoga Show at London Olympia  and regularly share my social thing at networking events, in interviews and podcasts.



Mel at the Yoga ShowMelanie Mackie is the Social Stylist and founder at Scarletta Media.

Melanie works with petite businesses and female entrepreneurs to support and encourage them to powerfully show up online, speak their authentic truth, share their wisdom and expertise to create and establish their unique social media style and living brands.

Having been immersed in the social world since 2008, Melanie was an early adopter of social media marketing in the UK and has worked on campaigns with business owners and SME’s across a range of sectors.

Carving out an authentic personable social identity online is a challenge for many and she intuitively unlocks her clients potential and supports and encourages them to show up online and speak out. To give themselves permission to be who they really are whilst demonstrating their unique talent. And to feel competent to use the online world with ease and in their own unique social media style and flow.

Which means they feel empowered to tell their stories, confidently able to share their expertise, love to connect with and serve their people as well as grow their petite businesses.

Melanie’s Speaking Style is

Straight-talking. Grounded. Compelling. Unique. Natural. Fun. Informative. Jargon-free. Insightful. Strategic. Inclusive. Soul-Centred. Social.

Melanie Talking WGG


Featured Interviews

Watch Melanie talking with Pat Duckworth about taking a leap of faith in creating your own petite business and being authentic and transparent with your own social style on YouTube.

Watch Melanie talking with Faith Canter about Being Authentic in Business on YouTube.

Featured Podcasts

Support is Sexy Podcast with Elayne Fluker – How to stop hiding and learn how to shine online and off

On this episode of the Support is Sexy podcast, Melanie shares her insider social media and productivity tips, and tells why you should think of your business as petite and powerful — but not small, why many women entrepreneurs struggle with stepping out front in their businesses (even though we want to!), and how she goes beyond simply teaching clients to post on social to helping them confidently shine on and offline.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to stop hiding and step out front
  • Not one secret formula for social
  • How to be brilliant on your all of your platforms
  • What is social styling?
  • How to build your know-like-and-trust factor
  • Should there be a difference between the social content on your business and personal account
  • How to create a “living brand” on social
  • The importance of connections and collaborations
  • The common social media mistakes women entrepreneurs make
  • Productivity tools to help you manage social
  • The value of turning down projects that don’t align with your brand
  • How to get over your blockage around pricing

Listen here or download via iTunes here

The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast with Sarah Swanton

What you’ll learn by listening to this episode:

  • How Melanie took a huge leap of faith by leaving the corporate world to explore working for herself, and how “let’s just see how this goes” has served her very well.
  • Having a 100% virtual online business, for her, was not what it was cracked up to be, and the realization of how much she enjoyed 1:1 interaction.
  • Being in a mastermind is one of the best business decisions she has ever made, and why.
  • How trusting her intuition in making business and marketing decisions has been really helpful in getting her to where she is today.
  • The importance of self-compassion, and stopping to celebrate those successes along the way.
  • Finally, we discuss the topic of social media and self-validation, and where our feelings of validation actually come from.

Listen here

Secret Birds Podcast with Jo-Ann Hamilton – Should I be using social media?

In this podcast Melanie shares her social media tips and advice with us. She discusses how and why social media is important when starting a business.

“It doesn’t take long to create an online presence or cost an extortionate amount of money to get going and you have the opportunity to reach far more people on your door step or globally online than if you were cold-calling, advertising or attending numerous networking meetings.”

Listen here.


Featured Guest Blogs

Secret Birds – How to use social media to build your business

How important is social media when first starting a business? When you start out social media is a brilliant tool to help you get your business, services and expertise out there quickly. It doesn’t take long to create an online presence or cost an extortionate amount of money to get going and you have the opportunity to reach far more people on your door step or globally online than if you were cold-calling, advertising or attending numerous networking meetings. Read more

Sage for Business Bootstrapping – Starting a business with no capital

Thinking of starting a business during an economic crisis can seem an ambitious and risky idea for many people. Doing it without having much capital to support you is even more ambitious. However this is what Sage Business Expert Melanie Mackie did when starting Scarletta Media. Read more

Work from Home Wisdom – Using social media without wasting time

For those who use social media for business or personal use as well as being a lifeline it can also eat into your day and is often used as a fabulous procrastination tool. Hanging out on Twitter and Facebook during your working day can be a big distraction and this activity cannot always be justified as work. I am a big social media user for business. I share content, connect, comment and raise awareness of my business, so that’s the real work part. Read more


“A massive thank you to Melanie who kindly presented at our Creative Cumulus meeting  on social media. With so much choice of social media platforms it can be overwhelming. Melanie was able to help clear the fog and offer useful tips that could be easily implemented into our already busy working days. We have been putting into practice some of tips Melanie shared with us and already seeing the difference in the response we receive. Highly recommend Melanie for speaker sessions and for her expertise.” Tamalia Reeves-Pyke, Flatlizard Creative

“Melanie has run several excellent sessions on social media and marketing for our creative networking group in Reading. Her presentation style is fantastic, she really engages her audience and makes the subject matter clear and interesting, and always provides some new and useful tips to use in business and planning. Melanie’s knowledge and understanding of marketing and business helps her to develop a distinctive style and brand for her clients, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to brand their business and learn about social media.” Catherine Hadler Creative Commercial Photography

“Melanie’s presentation was delivered in a professional, confident and authoritative, but relaxed manner. It was well structured and during the talk on social media she was able to field, and respond, to questions from the audience at all times, returning to the subject matter without hesitation or losing the flow and impact of her presentation. Her easy style of delivery was gentle on the ears, but with maximum impact and not too technical (especially with this non-techie)!!!!”
Ray Bennett – Attendee at the OM Yoga Show London Olympia

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Melanie present on two different occasions. She’s brilliant and I look forward to being a part of her audience again in the future. Mel knows her stuff and is seriously impressive in her vast knowledge of all things social. But the reason I think she’s so amazing is that she manages to speak in a language everyone can understand. She speaks to and encourages the novice who’s frightened of putting themselves out there without patronising the more socially media savvy members of the audience. I could go on but one other thing to add is Mel’s generosity with her knowledge and experience. Mel tells you what she does, she offers brilliant time saving tips and advice to get you going straight away. She’s not to miss!” Rachel Bradley, Jon Bradley Photography

“I met Melanie at a networking meeting where she delivered a very succinct and useful presentation, in a short time frame, on social media. Her knowledge and ability to put it across in a way for all the audience to understand was excellent. She left us in no uncertain terms what we could do immediately to improve our social media skills!” Heidi Strickland-Clark Owner FastTrack Fit Camp