What is a Personal Brand?


Within our social and professional networks we all have the opportunity to demonstrate our personality and personal brand in different ways.

The advice is always that social media works best when we are open, transparent and converse and share freely. (No swearing though, it doesn’t go down well online apparently!)

With so many people, brands and companies all trying to get noticed in cyberspace and build a following,  those who have the ability to show their personality and have a strong personal brand make it more real.

In my mind a personal brand is made up of several things:

  • What we’re really about, our likes and dislikes, personality, hobbies and so on
  • What we stand for, our values and opinions
  • What makes us compelling and different from all the rest

Attract like-minded people to you

Connections and relationships flourish when like-minded people can identify the real you and any shared common interests.

The social web is all about people. And most want to build real and lasting relationships with human beings, not computers.

Hello I think I know you

I have got to know people via Twitter and LinkedIn, when we met for the first time face-to-face, it was quite bizarre, just like meeting up with an old friend, familiar and comfortable.

I really felt I knew this person and this was because they were the just same offline as their online persona.

Keep it real and be you

There is an abundance of advice on how to behave online and how to build a following quickly. I believe the only way to do this is to keep it real and just be yourself.

No magic tricks or gimmicks. As real people see straight through all that nonsense.

I am not suggesting that you share your inner most personal thoughts and views, but what you do express on-line is how you are off-line.

How do you express your personal brand?

I would love to know your thoughts about your personal brand and what you like to see from others?

Add your comment below.

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4 thoughts on “What is a Personal Brand?

  1. Judy Heminsley

    Hi Melanie

    I was shocked to hear this story from a friend the other day – she had gone to an event and met somebody she was following on Twitter, so she started to chat about the things they had been tweeting, only to find this person had no idea what she was talking about! It turned out that a PA was doing all the tweeting. I think this must be the most spectacular ‘missing the point’ story I’ve ever come across.

  2. Melanie Post author

    Thanks Judy – That is really interesting and what an example of getting caught out. I recently met someone who wanted to outsource his LinkedIn profile to me. So I asked him if he would send me along to a networking event to represent him and his business. To which he replied “Definitely not”, so I said “Well being online is no different, you have to be there”

  3. Tracy Thomas Saucy Horse

    All good points, Melanie – I especially like your comment that “Connections and relationships flourish when like-minded people can identify the real you and any shared common interests…” This is true both on a personal and business level. The explosion of social media marketing tools and opportunities has inevitably created a sense of chaos out there in the “Twitterverse” et al, but I do get the feeling that people are starting to get a perspective ont his stuff – and that if you’re not real, you’re not who they want to know.

  4. Melanie Post author

    Thanks Tracy yes agree with so much noise and chatter, it’s those that stand out and are genuine who you really want to connect with. Mel

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