Scarletta Social Collective New For 2018

You may have noticed this year women are collectively starting conversations about things that really matter?

Collectively standing together to unite and support and encourage each other in life and business.

So are you ready to be the change in 2018? To use your voice, your words, your expertise and wisdom to help the people who really need to hear it?

The Scarletta Social Collective is brand new community for female entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow and talk about topics that really matter. To use the online world to show up and speak truly from your heart and soul. And are able to encourage others and receive that encouragement and support in return.

Launching in January 2018 this will be a place for you to learn, keep up to date with the latest social trends and news and transform your petite business and living brand.

But it won’t just be a one way street with information coming at you, you will actively be encouraged to participate, connect and support other collective members.

And you’ll also be given plenty of opportunities to talk about and share your own wisdom and expertise by showcasing your petite business too.

As well as an online collective there will also be optional in person meet up’s during the year in and around London.

So if this resonates with you all you need to do is register your interest places are limited and I’ll be in touch with everything you need to know very soon.

When we come together as a collective remarkable transformation happens and you don’t have to try and struggle and juggle alone anymore.

Register here 


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Social Tea Break with Helen Rebello from The Tranquil Path

Join the Social Stylist Melanie Mackie and Helen Rebello from the Tranquil Path chatting about being real online, how to know what you stand for and find the balance between your life and work to express your voice, wisdom and expertise with your social tribe authentically.

Helen Rebello empowers soulful female entrepreneurs who’ve fallen out of love with their work, to find more meaning & purpose in their life & unlock the courage to live & work on their terms.

She is currently crowdfunding her first book, The Magical Unfolding, which offers a gently empowering and liberating process to unlock your inner peace, potential and purpose, so that you can create a life you love.

To find out more about Helen and her work visit the Tranquil Path website:


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Feel in a Social Rut Working From Home?

One of the biggest challenges of being a female entrepreneur and petite business owner is working alone from home. Even with the social revolution isolation and loneliness is a big issue for many.

As we’re kind of connected, but we’re not.

If you don’t leave the house or talk to another human for days on end it has serious implications for our well-being

As human beings we thrive on social interaction and connection. We are hard-wired to interact with others. And I know personally when I really need to get out of the house and be with people in person and not just on social media. (My post-lady does too!)

I left my office job in marketing eight years ago this week and whilst I love what I do and the freedom it brings of being my own boss, one of my biggest challenges has been the ability to work through those feelings of isolation. As for many of us who are based at home we continually have to source our own creativity, energy, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration to do our best work and serve others.

The reality is if you feel you’re in a funk and have lost your mojo you’re not going to be buzzing with creative ideas or feel like showing up and being sociable on social media

Back in the olden days of my office life I loved having a team around me to bounce ideas around with, to chat about what was on the telly last night and to have sociable cups of tea and nice lunches. Those were the perks of being in an office.

With eight years experience being a home worker I have learnt to recognise the signs when I am starting to dip. My mood is low. My motivation is dragging and everything feels so much harder. I know it’s time to slow down, pause for a bit and reconnect with myself and the real world.

And that’s the reality for many petite business owners. None of us can be expected to be at full pelt all year round. Continue reading

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