Take a Breather the Social World Will Wait

Social media it’s relentless isn’t it? As no matter what time zone you’re in or where you’re located in the world there will always be something to read or grab your attention. Day or night.

There’s an abundance of blog posts to read, tweets to skim, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to, Facebook Groups to keep up with. On and on it goes. Before you know it you’re well and truly sucked into the social vortex, bouncing around the Internet from one thing to another, reading and downloading and it’s tricky to get yourself back out into the safety of the real world.

So do you recognise the signs for when you need to take a social breather?

After eight years working online the warning signs for me are always:

Brain overload. 

My brain is at maximum social information capacity and will not play anymore. Usually by Thursday afternoon’s I’ve had it. I am done.

I am a big reader with social content online, to paperback books and magazines. I live to read. But now I have learnt to recognise the warning signs and stop reading. Everything.

Sometimes this is for a few hours. Or I need longer with a couple of days. Or when I am feeling ever-so frazzled a bigger pause is required and I’ll sign off on Thursday evening and won’t sign back in until Monday. As it’s no longer a social detox, it’s a “no social reading detox”. This I highly recommend for all frazzled and overloaded brains.

The need for real human beings for conversation and connection.

Working from home I am used to my own company. So much so it’s hard for me to to write, create or work with any noise whatsoever.

But us human beings crave human interaction. And with lots of online friends there’s always someone to chat to online in Facebook groups, pages and on Twitter or Instagram.

However, being online is definitely not the same as meeting up in person. And my soul sister friends give amazing big comforting hugs, which Skype and Zoom simply cannot replicate. Continue reading

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3 Essential Social Styling Sessions

When you know you’re not making the impact you crave online you may look at others and wonder how do they make their social media activity look so easy and effortless?

To attract the right sort of people towards you and your petite business, a well thought out and authentic online presence is the first step.

And those who make their social activity look ever-so-easy have done their homework.

They know their stuff. This is why it works for them.

Here’s the thing. It will work for you too as long as you do the work on establishing your own social style and living brand, as well as having a pretty good idea of what you consistently want to say and share.

As you must know by now that turning up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sharing only other people’s stuff or firing off great motivational quotes on hourly automation does not make you memorable or a credible expert. Plus it’s probably the tenth motivational post they’ve seen that day.

Incidentally, I love a bit of daily motivation and marvelous quotes, but my big why and petite business is not about solely motivating others on social media. Is yours?

Nope. Not you either.

So, what people really need to see from you is precisely who you are and importantly how you can help them?

And be reminded of it on social media over and over again. Continue reading

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