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If You Don’t Step Forward You’re Always In The Same Place

Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers.
They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you.
They don’t let you play small with your life.
These heartbeats are your people.
These people are your collective.

So here we are a week into a brand new year already. Does this year fill you with hope and wonder? Or are you already fed up and wondering what this year will bring to your life and business?

Over the Christmas holidays we went to Kew Gardens to see the lights and stumbled across this beautiful wish tree. I placed my card on the tree and it was magical to see the hopes and wishes of others too.

For me my wishes, intentions and vision for the year ahead are crystal clear and I am speaking out and sharing my own voice with all the things that matter in my world. With deep and meaningful conversations with my trusted tribe around me, writing and sharing what is in my heart and not in my head, letting go of what no longer feels good and focusing on my intention to use social media to raise awareness of the things that I choose to. Whether that’s in my personal life or for my petite business.

Social trends for the coming year….

Usually I see plenty of predictions for what the latest “trends” are on social media, where we all must be, what we all must do and how to be seen and heard. But this year the tone is very different. As we’re weary of the constant information overload, whether it’s coming at us via social media or too much negative news.

Managing social downtime

To have the ability to tune in to social media without it being a total distraction takes some doing these days. But spending some time offline enables us to listen to our own whispers. To reflect on where we are now and where we truly want to be. To disregard what everyone else is doing and forge our own paths ahead.

So what is the “trend” on social media now? Continue reading

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Feel in a Social Rut Working From Home?

One of the biggest challenges of being a female entrepreneur and petite business owner is working alone from home. Even with the social revolution isolation and loneliness is a big issue for many.

As we’re kind of connected, but we’re not.

If you don’t leave the house or talk to another human for days on end it has serious implications for our well-being

As human beings we thrive on social interaction and connection. We are hard-wired to interact with others. And I know personally when I really need to get out of the house and be with people in person and not just on social media. (My post-lady does too!)

I left my office job in marketing eight years ago this week and whilst I love what I do and the freedom it brings of being my own boss, one of my biggest challenges has been the ability to work through those feelings of isolation. As for many of us who are based at home we continually have to source our own creativity, energy, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration to do our best work and serve others.

The reality is if you feel you’re in a funk and have lost your mojo you’re not going to be buzzing with creative ideas or feel like showing up and being sociable on social media

Back in the olden days of my office life I loved having a team around me to bounce ideas around with, to chat about what was on the telly last night and to have sociable cups of tea and nice lunches. Those were the perks of being in an office.

With eight years experience being a home worker I have learnt to recognise the signs when I am starting to dip. My mood is low. My motivation is dragging and everything feels so much harder. I know it’s time to slow down, pause for a bit and reconnect with myself and the real world.

And that’s the reality for many petite business owners. None of us can be expected to be at full pelt all year round. Continue reading

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Traditional Marketing Has Evolved Thanks to the Social Revolution

The “traditional” way of marketing your petite business is to focus on them. The people you want to become your clients and customers. The people you want to be interested enough to like your Facebook page. The people you want to tell others about you.

The big challenge is to try and get inside their heads and personas and to understand what car they drive, where they like to shop, what brands they love and how old they are. And on the list goes.

But the social revolution has totally changed this marketing methodology

Because now people are seen as brands in their own right. Regardless of the job title and products and services on offer. Social media is used to market our petite businesses AND ourselves. And if you’re offering a service based business just like mine, the reality is now we are the business and the brand.

People want to get to know, love and trust us before they do business

Modern marketing isn’t all about demographics, statistics and the same old one-sized fits all formulas on rinse and repeat.

Modern marketing is about connecting deeply with you AND them. So that’s you, your clients and your people.

Which means you have to work on articulating and figuring out who you are as a person. Be very clear on expressing your vision, mission, beliefs and values. As well as learn to know yourself inside out as you are today.

And then with this growing and evolving foundation in place you start to build an authentic social style, living brand and online presence that truly represents you and your petite business.

One that resonates and “speaks” to your kind of people. Continue reading

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