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Are You Ready to Flourish With Me?


When Scarletta launched in 2009 it was to help businesses to learn about how to tweet and use Facebook and to embrace being social businesses.

Things have changed rapidly. The Social Revolution changed how we communicate and the internet has helped people do business on a global scale, build online communities to connect and be seen. Along with this huge change, is the opportunity for us to be visible and establish a personable virtual place to share our messages, serve our people and demonstrate exactly who we are.

The evolution of Scarletta has included my own personal journey. Working out who I am. What I love doing and what to let go of.

I love working with people who are passionate about helping others, who want to be known for their knowledge and expertise, who have the courage to show up and tell their own stories. Who want to show us inside their real worlds with their own images, tell us more with their words, ideas and inspire. And demonstrate exactly what it is like to meet and work with them in the real world.

As it’s this unique style and approach that sets us all apart

People buy into people, whether offering expertise as a service or selling creative products and concepts. We want to know who is the person or people behind the business. And it’s become even more important in the very busy and noisy virtual world. It’s our only way of standing out. Continue reading

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Taking a Social Sabbatical Retreat

GrayshottTaking a social media sabbatical has become pretty popular and I am a believer in taking regular digital detox’s. Where you embrace the opportunity to zone out of social media updates, take a breather to let the mind slow right down, recharge your batteries and allow new creative ideas to flourish and evolve.

I am also partial to a great ecourse and have participated in several over the last couple of years. I find them a brilliant and low cost way to learn, some are created with a social community alongside for support and others are designed to be done alone.

The perfect remedy

This has been an incredible but hectic year for Scarletta and I, and it was time to retreat and practice my social radio silence for a few days. This turned out to be the perfect remedy, the Solopreneur Sojorn a digital retreat kit for your business by Jac McNeil.

Being a home worker I knew I needed to get out of my familiar working and home environment and give myself permission to take some time out and embrace the digital retreat fully.

Jac gives you everything you need including a beautifully illustrated work book, playlists for soothing music on Spotify, recipes to encourage healthy eating and calming audios to set you off and see you through the retreat, it’s as if she is right there with you. Continue reading

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Fancy Some Social Faceworking?

Lovely to See You Scarletta MediaWe are far enough along the social marketing route to have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t for our own businesses.

Scarletta is four years old this week (woo-hoo!) and what I have learnt on my journey is to keep it simple, avoid clever marketing tricks and be completely honest about what it really means to be a social business.

There are so many on-line courses and social gurus sharing their secret social sauce to success. But what works for them, may not work for you. Your businesses are different, you are unique and the only person who knows what is right for your business is you.

Fancy Some Social Faceworking? Make Your Social Media Marketing Thrive Workshop

So if you want to use social media marketing on your own terms how about joining me for the day on Friday 18th October at my brand new Scarletta workshop – Make Your Social Media Marketing Thrive?

We’ll discuss the reality of being a social business. The issues and challenges many face on a day-to-day basis. And what to do about them. There won’t be any “must do’s” or your Facebook page is doomed scenarios. But there will be plenty of ideas and inspiration shared to help your social media marketing thrive.

Plus this event is going to be as social as possible, so I’ve replaced the word “networking” with what I believe is far more appropriate these days and that’s “connecting”! The day will be split into two sessions with a nice lunch in between. We’ll leave out the one minute elevator pitches and business card shuffles.

If you’re ready to thrive register your interest here and spend a day away from the virtual world and do some faceworking instead. You’ll be notified as soon as tickets go on sale. Places will be limited so it’s first come first serve.

Need social media help fast?

And there’s more….. yes it has been a hive of activity at Scarletta this summer. If you want social media help fast, check out the new 60 minute social consultations. Find a convenient slot that suits you thanks to Booking Bug and we’ll get cracking.

Social School is Back!

Autumn class for The Social Media Map eCourse kicks off on Monday 23rd September here’s all the info if you want to work on your social media marketing strategy at your own pace.

It would be lovely to see you!

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