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The Right Time For A Digital Rebirth

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Have you noticed we are now entering the time of “social evolution”? Whereby us avid social users are changing course. As we evolve as people we are now choosing to create brand new online identities. The old social persona’s no longer fit who we are, what we’re all about now or where we are headed in the long term with our petite businesses.

Scarletta Media launched seven years ago this month and in the early days of blogging and being on social media I felt a huge sense of freedom that I could say and do whatever I liked online. It was liberating as there were no expectations, should’s or must do’s. We had fun, showed up and were totally social.

But as time has gone on, like so many others I started to feel stifled that all I “should” talk about was social media. This belief totally cramped my style. Yes I still love the social world, but I also love to talk about and am interested in so many other things too.

Pondering and taking action for my own digital rebirth

So I have been pondering my own digital rebirth for a couple of years, and as I have had so much going on in my personal life it hasn’t been a focus or priority, until now.

Over the last few weeks I have been working on deliberately and consciously creating more of my online presence based around me, my interests and my expertise in my own name and this is how I am establishing my own living brand for the future. Continue reading

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Are You Ready to Flourish With Me?


When Scarletta launched in 2009 it was to help businesses to learn about how to tweet and use Facebook and to embrace being social businesses.

Things have changed rapidly. The Social Revolution changed how we communicate and the internet has helped people do business on a global scale, build online communities to connect and be seen. Along with this huge change, is the opportunity for us to be visible and establish a personable virtual place to share our messages, serve our people and demonstrate exactly who we are.

The evolution of Scarletta has included my own personal journey. Working out who I am. What I love doing and what to let go of.

I love working with people who are passionate about helping others, who want to be known for their knowledge and expertise, who have the courage to show up and tell their own stories. Who want to show us inside their real worlds with their own images, tell us more with their words, ideas and inspire. And demonstrate exactly what it is like to meet and work with them in the real world.

As it’s this unique style and approach that sets us all apart

People buy into people, whether offering expertise as a service or selling creative products and concepts. We want to know who is the person or people behind the business. And it’s become even more important in the very busy and noisy virtual world. It’s our only way of standing out. Continue reading

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