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Cringing at the Thought of Sharing Your Expertise Online?

Scarletta Media Melanie Mackie

Being a social business is all about chit-chatting, mingling and sharing other people’s stuff, right?

If you dare to share what you do or are seen as “selling” it is anti-social, yes?

Hmm not entirely.

Being a social business is having the ability to blend your expertise, knowledge and how you serve into your social content. As well as being able to chit-chat, mingle and connect freely with like-minded people.  

Sharing other people’s content as and when it’s appropriate is not top of the priority list.

Talk about me?! Noooooo…..

More often than not it’s the emphasis on talking about your own expertise that sends petite business owners in to a head spin. Sharing quotes and meme’s, that’s easy. Striking up conversations and being sociable, pretty easy too. But talking about your expertise, now that is a toughie.

As so many people believe it is definitely anti-social and not the done thing to share our expertise openly online.

And I know there is a recurrent theme and you too may be familiar with these statements:

  • What will people think of me if I dare to share what I am good at?
  • My followers will unfollow and dis-like me if I start talking about my services or products.
  • If I speak opening about what I believe in I know I’ll be criticised and judged by others online.
  • If I take a softer approach people can find out more about what I do by coming to my website if it’s of interest to them.

Do you believe these statements are true?

Are you cringing at the thought of talking about yourself and demonstrating what you’re great at online?

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Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

Social Styling Sessions at Scarletta Media

One of the ways to learn and connect more deeply with other social users online now is within Facebook groups and over the last few months I have joined several brilliant groups, all offering different support and valuable information for various aspects of my business.

I’ve been learning all about publishing skills for books, broadening my expertise with PR and how to engage effectively with journalists and the press, how to radically show up authentically in life and business and ways to decide what success looks and feels like to me. My notebooks are bumper full of ideas and actions for me to implement. And I have made some new social friends and connections along the way too.

Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

The powerful thing that I noticed during my time within the groups is the recent introduction of Facebook Live Chats. It takes online conversation and engagement to a deeper level and brilliant groups are booming with interactive chatter, connection and learning within Facebook. You have the opportunity to get to know exactly what you want to help propel you and your petite businesses forward. Continue reading

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How Do You Use Social Media in Your Petite Business?

Scarletta Media Bonjour

As the social world continues to evolve, petite business owners are finding that how they use social media marketing has changed. I know in the early days of launching Scarletta Twitter was the number one social platform to help me raise awareness of my workshops, blog posts and news and views. But it’s not now.

I am still a huge fan of Twitter and won’t be boycotting it and tweeting off somewhere else. Although plenty of other people are. Maybe you have too?

Instagram has boomed and again seven years ago in the early days of social businesses this did not appear within petite business social strategies. Now it most certainly does feature at the top.

30% of internet users are now on Instagram and it has become the second most engaged social network after Facebook. For now.

I love Instagram, not necessarily to promote and raise deliberate awareness of my business. I love it because I enjoy taking and sharing images. Maybe you do too? Or maybe you detest it with a passion?

As for Facebook, the only way to be seen and heard these days is to spend, spend, spend. Clicks, comments and likes via organic means are definitely not what they used to be. However, if you are savvy about which posts you promote via paid means, you can get brilliant results. So I hear.

Then there are those who are frazzled and worn out by being online and are ditching social platforms all together and off for a complete social sabbatical. Continue reading

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