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Have Some Fun With Social Media

Lola Puss

We’ve been in France recently and since our return, our Lola has decided that when I am at my desk working, or attempting to work, that the desk doubles up as her day bed. Which makes working a bit tricky at times.

So it really made me chuckle when I saw a post on Facebook with a novel idea, a desk extension bed, perfect for our mogs. And on a whim I decided I to share it on the Scarletta Facebook page. You can take a look here. What amused me even more is that several of my Scarletta Tribe saw the funny side and obviously love our feline friends too.

It has nothing to do with social media, but it is social

Obviously this post has absolutely nothing to do with social media, it’s not a businessesy type update or promotion of my products and services, but it did attract attention, likes and reach on Facebook of 60% above a usual post. And it’s simply social.

I’ve also engaged in conversation with Jo Bradshaw about her rather delightful and peculiar looking home grown funny carrots which she shared a photo of on Twitter. And we have had a legendary impromptu Twitter chat about Big Girl Pants, which saw several Tweeters join in with us for fun too. (I know this could have caused us a whole lot of unwanted attention of a different variety and new followers, but it’s OK we got away with it!)

We are allowed to have some fun on social media, it’s what being social is about

We’ve become a bit cautious on social media about sharing a joke, having some banter and sometimes the social element is lost en route in between the self-promotion, quotes and churning out old blog tweets. You see the same social formula repeated over and over again, without any personality or human side shared.

Being a social business means giving ourselves permission to be exactly who we are offline, online. It also means being present as well as having an online presence. And if in the moment we find a cat image funny and what to share it, then we have the freedom to do so. Continue reading

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Do You Have Clarity on Your Niche?


The holy grail of marketing is niching. Every business must know, demonstrate and have complete clarity on their niche, including who their target audience is and precisely what their ideal clients look like and need. Don’t they?

But do you ever feel like you are going round and round in circles trying to figure out exactly who your people are and end up in a right old tizz with a long wish list and people that just don’t fit?

As part of a petite business strategy it definitely helps to be clear and demonstrate with your online marketing who exactly your services and products are ideal for. However, you can get so caught up in streamlining and focusing purely on your people wish list that in the process you may disregard others who may be the perfect fit for your expertise.

I have learnt that my tribe is a mixed bunch. If I were to describe a typical Scarletta client they tend to be on the whole to date women of a similar age to me, offering a service of some sort and corporate escapees who have transformed their lives by creating their own petite businesses. Just like me.

But I also work with men, (for the record I have absolutely nothing against them and I am married to a lovely one!) they may be part of a bigger SME business and might be selling products instead of service based offerings. I am open to working with them all if it feels right.

Your niche may not be a one-size person fits all either, it may be a blend of different people requiring different things from you. As well as typical marketing segmenting for demographics there is another more intuitive side to it to take in to consideration, and that is synergy between you and them. I have learnt to try not to put people into boxes, as every person may not fit what I deem as my ideal client, and this doesn’t always matter, as long as there is connection between us. And equally someone may get in touch who I believe ticks all my “ideal” boxes and yet we have no rapport whatsoever.

I see clients working on defining their niche and they get stuck and over think it as they believe that in order to find their people they must be crystal clear on who they want to connect with from the outset. And then end up chopping and changing their minds, which results in a very confused business owner and mixed up marketing and social media messages, which isn’t ideal for sanity or business. Continue reading

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