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Creating and Launching Your Own Digital Products

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When working for yourself after a while there is often an abundance of content and material that you have stored away on your PC or laptop doing nothing. I decided pretty early on with Scarletta that I didn’t want to grow my petite business as a time for money model. Whereby I only earned an income by working solely in person with clients.

So several years ago I started to find out as much as possible about creating my own digital products. I started off small and created the eBook “The Real Meaning of Socialism” first, as I had this content in my head and from blog posts I had written. It seemed a sensible way to start and get going. I knew writing and selling the eBook via the Amazon Kindle wasn’t going to necessarily make me big bucks. However to this day it does sell in dribs and drabs which is fine with me, but more importantly it served as a platform for me to begin.

Along the way I proved to myself that I could sit down and write, create a short book and launch it. It also helped me with my credibility when there were plenty of “social gurus” popping up here there and everywhere as I wrote about the social revolution as I saw it and from being a part of it.

My next digital product challenge was to create the eCourse the Social Media Map. And this was a lot more work. I even went back into the corporate world on an interim part time contract, so I knew I had a steady income to rely on whilst I sat and created the eCourse. Now that is what you call dedication, as I lasted four months and it spurred me on to get the eCourse launched sooner rather than later.

Since then I have also created and launched the Pinterest and Twitter Masterclasses and all of them bring in a steady flow of new participants and income.

Many Scarletta clients ask me about creating their own digital products and have plenty of content to share, but it’s often putting that content to good use and in an ideal format for your clients that leaves many baffled. Mainly as there are so many different types of digital products to choose from with eBooks, e-courses, webinars, online programmes, live e-Training and on and on. Continue reading

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Who is Doing Your Social Work?

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Throughout my time in social land there is something I learnt very early on about how the social world works best. We as the petite business owners need to show up and be the ones getting stuck in, with the sharing, tweeting, liking and posting on Facebook and telling others our stories and snippets from our working day and life. Along with demonstrating our own unique voices and styles.

Managing her own social work and personal brand

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, I love her Facebook updates and she authentically shares her own stuff. If you post a comment Elizabeth is likely to reply and read what you’ve said. She is the one doing her own social work and as you read her updates you know it is her by her tone and approach. This is a fab example of how to manage your own social work and personal brand.

In the past I took on social management projects for clients, which were overall stressful. Regular work yes, but stressful because I was not an employee of the business.

I was working remotely and my eyes could not see and my ears were not able to over hear what was going on inside the business to consider what would make excellent social stories to share. Continue reading

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What Are You Willing to do to Market Your Business?

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Do you find there are some marketing tricks and tactics you breeze through and others that give you the heebie jeebies so you avoid them completely or put them off?

When it comes to online marketing I find this the easiest thing to market Scarletta as I have had plenty of practice being on social media. But there are plenty of more traditional marketing tasks and techniques that I absolutely loathe.

In conversation with a group of petite business owners recently, I was challenged to contact my previous clients by telephone to let them know all about the new Scarletta Styling Sessions.

I squirmed and shuffled in my seat and felt very uncomfortable.

Call them up?! Like actually pick up the phone and speak to them individually one by one?!

Eeeekkkk! I could feel my heart pounding already!

It’s not so much about them saying nope not interested. Well, obviously that is hugely disappointing, but for me it’s more around the fact that it really winds me up when I am on the receiving end of sales calls. Which means it isn’t a style or preferred marketing approach I want to be known for.

I realise this is to do with my own personal preferences and boundaries and the recipient of my call may just be delighted to hear all about my latest venture. (I did agree to work on it, so if you do get an unexpected phone call from me over the next few weeks do be kind won’t you!!!)

From this point forward I have built follow up phone calls into my client contact process so it isn’t unexpected cold calling out of the blue. However, you may be thinking what is the problem with picking up the phone as these calls may come easy to you.

Another challenge is asking for a testimonial on LinkedIn

I’ve noticed others find it a challenge asking for testimonials on LinkedIn. I received a request from someone who I am more than happy to recommend and the opening line of her message was along the lines of “I hate asking but would you recommend me for xyz….”

Being on the receiving end of the request I’d love to help her out and there’s no problem writing a testimonial, as LinkedIn testimonials are a brilliant way of marketing you and your business. I even talk about this within the eBook Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn. Continue reading

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