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I Am a Creative Being, Are You Too?


I do love a fab ecourse and I am currently participating in Oprah’s Life-class, the Gifts of Imperfection with Brene Brown. We are being guided to Wholeheartedness by exploring topics like meaningful work, play and rest, laughter and creativity. This week it’s all about creativity and not just thinking about it, but actually doing.

Our homework assignment included a self portrait and creating our own banner to act as a reminder that we are all creative beings, it’s just up to us whether or not we decide to tap into our creativity or keep it buried.

So with my journal and colouring pens and pencils at the ready I spent some dedicated time sitting and drawing. I don’t consider myself in anyway an artist or able to draw well, but it was good to just pick a coloured pen and create something without any expectation on “getting it right” or being perfect. Those who are scared of the word “creativity” are encouraged to just do whatever feels right and go for it.

It’s part two of the course and I am enjoying it, there is a courage board for those willing to share their work with the rest of the group in a safe environment, and of course you can share you on social media if you are so brave!  Take a look at the course if you’re interested.

With social media marketing I feel passionate about

Bringing this back to social media there are two things that I feel passionate about:

  1. The good old social strategy – which is becoming essential for all social businesses
  2. You and the personality of your business

Yawn o’clock strategy

Say the word “strategy” and people’s eyes often glaze over, but if you are using social media without one what impact are your efforts having on your business?

The chances are you’re turning up regularly online and drifting along among sharing other people’s posts, joining in occasionally with chit-chat and now and then consider “why am I spending so much time on Facebook?”

A strategy, purpose and direction however simple is essential for your business to help you gain clarity on why you’re using social tools for your business, what you are going to create and share and what impact you are looking for.

And what about YOU?

It’s all well and good having a strategy in place, but not so good if there is absolutely nothing of your own material within your social content. Because this is the way forward. Creating and sharing social content that your people actually care about.

The social world is full of noise and stuff being circulated just for the sake of it. Are you as bored as I am of seeing quotation tweets and posts with web links to other people’s blogs and absolutely nothing shared about the individual or business itself? This isn’t marketing a business or being social.

If you continuously share others people’s content, you lose the interest of your social community. Anyone and everyone can share other people’s work, it’s nice and easy. But taking your time to share that little bit of you and your expertise takes far more effort and shows you are committed to being a social business.

Yes of course there will be times when the creative output is low on the agenda as other things take priority and it makes perfect sense to fill in the social gaps with other’s bits and pieces and a quotation now and then, as long as they complement your business and approach.

Attract and retain your social community

The overall goal for every social business is to attract the right people towards you and then retain them with your own content. And if your creative output is zero your social community will soon clock on and move on elsewhere.

The secret social sauce

The secret social sauce is always you and to encourage people to stick with you for the long term allow yourself head-space to consider how to express your work and services creatively online and then go and create something regularly.

It’s easy to blame social media for not bringing in any business, but ultimately the responsibility falls on our shoulders. It has nothing to do with the technology, it’s up to us to create in the first place.

And our takeaway mantra for this week is “I am a creative being”. So are you? What tips do you have to share on creating your own content? I’d love to know share your comment below.

Need a helping hand with your social business?

The Social Media Map E-course is starting on 28th April so if you have a petite business and you are responsible for D.I.Y social media marketing, take a look and join me. I don’t just cover the strategy bit I focus on getting you to step into the creative social limelight more comfortably too.

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What Happens When You Buy Followers and Likes?


Getting new Twitter followers and people to like your Facebook page is still one of the biggest priorities for businesses and regardless of existing interaction, everyone wants more. Why? Because it looks good to others.

If you have thousands of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers you and your business must be doing well. And the bigger the social community the better your success.

But I believe this isn’t the case and I’ve been doing some social testing. The results aren’t really surprising.

Facebook would like you to spend to be seen and liked

The fact is that Facebook want business page owners to spend money to be seen and liked. When I created my Facebook page back in 2009, there weren’t that many of us about, particularly in the UK. Since then it has been social boom time and the sheer amount of small business pages on Facebook is over 25 million and growing.

So advertising your page and promoting your posts, seems like a good investment and the way to go doesn’t it, especially when you’re up against such stiff competition?

The results from my own tests concluded that if you want to increase the magic page like amount and this is your sole intention, on average you can expect 40-50 overall page likes for £5.00 per day for a 3 day campaign.

But what happens afterwards? Continue reading

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They Don’t Know What You Don’t Tell


When you decide to launch a brand new website, newsletter or even create a new blog post, the desire to get it absolutely right is always high. The pressure is on to create the wow factor and sometimes you can feel so overwhelmed with it all that you delay launching and posting until perfect. And we all know perfection is rarely achieved every single time we create something.

Getting it wrong is not an option

Having worked my way through several website rebrands for Scarletta and advising clients, I know it feels a lot more personal when you are your business. When it’s your own design, brand and image at stake you want to get it bang on. You represent your brand and believe outsiders will judge you for your efforts, and getting it wrong is not an option.

So, more tweaks are made to the design and copy, you may ask other people’s opinions to get their feedback. Progress slows and you end up even more confused, overwhelmed and stressed out than you were before. Continue reading

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