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Turn On Your Social Taxi Light

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Do you shy away from promoting yourself and your work on social media?

There is a tendency on social media not mention anything about your products and services, so you are not seen as overtly selling. By keeping everything light-hearted and fun it’s means you are 100% social.Whilst this is all well and good and you may be seen as a nice sociable person online, letting others know about you and your business is essential.

Not keen on pushy, pushy social media marketing?

Getting the blend right between self-promotion and social messages can be a challenge. Especially when you’re about authentic social media and not keen on pushy, pushy, pushy marketing.

When you’re in full on promotional mode it is likely that some Twitter followers will unfollow, Facebook page likes turn into dislikes and some email subscribers unsubscribe. And none of us feel good when this happens, no matter how many times we try and reassure ourselves that it’s OK to let them go. (But, it really is OK in the long run!)

However, when you are running your business and a socialpreneur you’ve got to tell others about your products and services to help raise awareness, as we’re not all using social media to play and procrastinate.

I know when I am deliberately in the “promotional social zone” and some of my social community pick up on it. Even though I feel I am blasting my salesy type messages out there continuously, there will still be social connections who have no absolutely no idea what I am up to. They missed the posts completely.

This is where your social strategy comes into effect, when you have your own clear content plan and ideas in place it helps you to keep a balance between self promotional and social messages.

Be Consciously Social

Within your social strategy decide what feels right to you. Taking the time out to be more “consciously social” is the key to helping you raise awareness of what you need to, stay focused, aware and understand what your intentions are.

When you are in business it is absolutely acceptable and essential that you share and tell others what’s on offer, whether it’s your products on sale, special offers, eBooks and downloads, new websites, e-newsletters, workshops and so on. Even how people can hire your services and expertise if you are of service to others.

As if you don’t share how else are your people going to find you and choose to do business together? Continue reading

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Facebook Groups Perfect for Social Connections

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For many social businesses the focus is predominately on creating thriving Facebook business pages, generating new likes and encouraging comments on posts. But being seen and heard on Facebook is an ongoing challenge.

Remember Facebook Groups for like minded connections

There is another huge part of Facebook that is often overlooked and definitely underutilised and that’s Facebook Groups. These social groups and communities on Facebook have boomed and continue to grow and expand. Whether or not you’re a fan of using Facebook for personal use, consider those who are using it and it’s highly likely that your people will be there too.

The statistics for people using Facebook from the moment they wake up until they go to bed is staggering. 864 million global users log in daily and Facebook is and continues to be the social place to go online.

There is an abundance of Facebook groups for personal and business use and obviously some are better than others. So you can be selective and opt in and out when you choose. Groups can be open to all or for private members only.

Facebook groups come in all shapes and sizes

The Facebook groups I am a member of vary in size and purpose, I join in with groups as part of eLearning and eCourses. I find groups for small business owners where the community shares ideas, supports each other and sometimes we self-promote our business services and offerings. I sometimes make use of a local group in Wokingham ideal for recommendations and news and views.

I also seek out plenty of groups alongside networking organisations so we can keep in touch in between monthly meetings. And I am a member of a secret squirrel focus group. We meet up in London every other month for a in-person catch up and a fab lunch, and use our Facebook group to keep in touch in between.

Joining and participating in Facebook Groups may help you to:

  1. Make business decisions, get valuable feedback and feel supported to take action
  2. Exchange ideas, share knowledge and offer your expertise to help others
  3. Connect and reach more of your people globally
  4. Feel a sense of belonging and be a part of your community and tribe
  5. Grow and nourish relationships and give you companionship especially when working from home

Continue reading

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How Much Social Content to Give Away

Making full use of your blog and social media sites is a great way to share your knowledge, allow others to get to know you and your business and demonstrate your credibility.

But how much valuable social content do you give away?

Getting the balance right between giving people just enough and handing it all over on a plate for free can be tricky. In the early days of Scarletta I used to spend a lot of my time in coffee shops, meeting people and sharing my insights and knowledge for free.

I was so enthusiastic that I would give too much information away and answer every question that the person went away very happy indeed. It was lovely for them, but they didn’t become a paying client. So not so lovely for my business.

But very soon I got wise to this and learnt the hard way. It’s not just my time which is hugely valuable, it’s my knowledge and expertise. And yours is too.

Make your social content work harder for you

Since then I have deliberately and diligently decided what content I share for free and where to draw the line. My blog, newsletters and social media content had to work smarter for me. This is where prospective clients can fill their boots with all the free stuff and snippets of my knowledge and get to know me and my working style better. But the juicy meat on the bones is reserved for paying Scarletta clients.

There are so many hours in the day

We want to serve and help our people as much as we can, but we do need to run our profitable businesses, otherwise there isn’t going to be one left.

There is a limit to how many clients you can see, or want to work with in a day. So use your online content as social proof of your knowledge and make it the place you direct potential clients who are unsure whether or not to become fully on board. And of course it is crucial that you are sharing your own home grown social content and not just retweeting or posting others. Continue reading

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