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Go With The Social Flow

OwlyIs there too much incoming information? Are you overwhelmed keeping up appearances? Do you feel a social burnout? You’re not alone and I am seeing and hearing people say this time and time again.

Let’s look at these common social challenges

When you have too much information coming your way online, this is an ideal time of year to review and cleanse. Do you really need to follow and like everyone? Consider what is valuable and if posts and tweets are clogging up your news stream and don’t serve a purpose to you then it’s OK to remove them.

I saw a Facebook post in a group forum that a member had liked nearly 1,000 pages and hadn’t realised so many had clocked up. She was in the process of reviewing them and had removed 200! How on earth does anyone keep up with 1,000 Facebook pages? Feel free to add a comment if you can do this and still have a life and business.

But anyway I digress, everything coming in whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or email newsletters needs to serve a purpose to you in your incoming social strategy. When you are feeling totally overwhelmed with social noise, make a conscious effort to see exactly where it’s coming from and remove if you no longer need or want it.

Worn out keeping up social appearances?

There is plenty of advice telling you that to be socially successful you need to be seen and heard online constantly. But what I have realised and advise my clients is that it is perfectly OK to go with your own social flow. Consistently churning out social content 365 days a year isn’t realistic, especially when you’re the social boss.

Slow down and take a breather. Set your own pace and listen to your instincts. If you are finding keeping up appearances a relentless challenge take some time out. It is allowed and won’t be a disaster for you or your business. If you push and struggle through you may share poor quality stuff for the sake of it and may not be at your creative best.

It is also entirely possible for you to take an online break, however don’t feel to compelled to tell your social community and explain why. You don’t need to draw attention to your absence. Just do what you need to do and come back online when you’re ready.

The Dreaded Fear of Missing Out

What often stops people taking a social detox is the fear of missing out. And it is a toughie. We have to set our own boundaries here and it is getting harder to do with access to our clever portable smart phones and tablets. The urge to just take a sneaky peak at Twitter is overwhelming even on whilst holiday. (I know, I know!!!)

When you take a break and feel worried about missing something crucial or keeping up with someone online, decide in advance how you will deal with it. As when you are chilling and supposed to be relaxing on a sun lounger on holiday, but your smart phone is handy and has a decent WiFi signal it’s ever-so-easy to take a peak online.

And before you know it you’ve downloaded all your emails, checked your social updates and been browsing on Facebook to see what everyone else is doing when that really was not the intention. Think about what information is essential to you before you go and as for the rest it will wait until you get back.

I encourage you to go with your own social flow, as none of us are or should be robotic in our approach and marketing efforts. Give yourself total permission to take a social detox and re-calibrate your creative mind if that is what you need. And take printed books on holiday it helps to have something else to look at and read!

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Talking Social Strategy and Branding on iTunes

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Podcasting is a fantastic way of communicating with your social community and I was recently interviewed by the UK’s leading Podcast Lady Jenny Brewster.

Jenny knows everything there is to know about podcasting and as well as teaching others on how to create podcasts for business she also interviews star studded entrepreneurs and business owners on her own “Secrets of Their Success Radio Show”

Have a listen to our chat on iTunes we’re talking about:

  • How to create a social media strategy
  • The challenges and barriers for people becoming social online
  • What happens when you come out of the corporate world and start your own petite business
  • And how to work on defining your own personal brand

Listen and download my interview with Jenny here 

Why is podcasting so successful?

Despite being seen as old hat and as this article in Time says “Despite being Oh-so 2005, Podcasting is Drawing Listeners and Advertisers Alike”! Podcasting is big business and currently there are 1 billion subscribers on iTunes listening to podcasts on the go.

Podcasting gives you another platform to share your social voice, ideas and thoughts, blog posts, ecourses and so much more. It’s also very convenient for listeners to tune in as and when they want to and it can be an inexpensive way for you to reach your audience. Plus is you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, giving your people the opportunity to hear you speak also helps your personal brand.

Podcasting is definitely on my radar for my Scarletta work and if you’d like to find out more about how you can create podcasts for your business, take a look at Jenny’s website it’s full of insightful information and of course you can tune in to her podcasts and be inspired too.

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Who is the Person Behind Your Petite Business?


When representing your business online it can be a dilemma whether or not to refer to your business as a “We” or an “I”.  This question came up recently during the Social Media Map ecourse, as one of the Social Mappers is currently creating her brand new website and asked the group should her website copy read as “We offer blah, blah, blah” or “I offer blah, blah, blah”.

This is often more of a challenge when starting out as we can have the false belief that presenting our businesses as a “We” team, and not just us, makes it more credible than being a soloprenuer.

There are hundreds and thousands of very successful micro-businesses all managed single-handedly. Personally I don’t believe in this day and age it gives any more credibility, in fact by not being completely transparent about your business it can have the opposite effect, especially when people know it is just you and visit your website and think “who exactly is this team ?” Continue reading

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