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Are You Ready to Flourish With Me?


When Scarletta launched in 2009 it was to help businesses to learn about how to tweet and use Facebook and to embrace being social businesses.

Things have changed rapidly. The Social Revolution changed how we communicate and the internet has helped people do business on a global scale, build online communities to connect and be seen. Along with this huge change, is the opportunity for us to be visible and establish a personable virtual place to share our messages, serve our people and demonstrate exactly who we are.

The evolution of Scarletta has included my own personal journey. Working out who I am. What I love doing and what to let go of.

I love working with people who are passionate about helping others, who want to be known for their knowledge and expertise, who have the courage to show up and tell their own stories. Who want to show us inside their real worlds with their own images, tell us more with their words, ideas and inspire. And demonstrate exactly what it is like to meet and work with them in the real world.

As it’s this unique style and approach that sets us all apart

People buy into people, whether offering expertise as a service or selling creative products and concepts. We want to know who is the person or people behind the business. And it’s become even more important in the very busy and noisy virtual world. It’s our only way of standing out. Continue reading

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What a Great Online Marketing Idea

Making my own footprints in the sand

I thought podcasting would be a great online marketing addition for Scarletta.

I don’t listen to podcasts personally, as I can’t sit still long enough to give them my undivided attention and I get restless and want to multi-task if anything is over 5 minutes long. Regardless, I thought podcasts is something I should do.

Did you notice the “should” not want?

My rationale for this decision was simply to create an alternative source of content for the Scarletta community as well as written blog posts, and other people are doing podcasts so why not me too?

The truth is I haven’t gotten around to creating any of my own podcasts. Sometimes procrastinating on something is a good thing. As I’ve dillied and dallied around, I’ve realised that whilst it seemed a great idea initially, it doesn’t now and I don’t feel inspired to get cracking. Creating podcasts is officially on the back burner and crossed off the “should do” list for now.

What I want to do is to continue writing my blog posts and taking pictures. I find these easy to do, creating posts isn’t a drain on my time and it’s my way of reaching out, sharing my insights and snippets of the Scarletta world.

Another “should or should not do” sign up, sign up, sign up boxes on websites

There are many marketing tactics and tricks we can use to entice people to sign up to our newsletters, download our freebies and hook people into our online communities. So much that we feel we need to have a firm grasp and be doing all of it. And sometimes this has a detrimental effect on our branding and businesses.

A few years ago I took the advice of an online marketing expert at a training workshop. She advised us that it is imperative to add sign up boxes on every page and column on our websites to build “the all important list“. So I went home did exactly as I was told and followed the instructions.

Not only did my website look totally appalling, I didn’t feel comfortable about it. But I trusted her opinion and it had worked so well for her so this must be what I must do too.

My instinct was over ruled and in order to get people to sign up to my mailing list, I followed the crowd and put aside the doubts from my own inner voice not to take this approach.

But now I know differently.

Continue reading

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Turn On Your Social Taxi Light

London Taxi

Do you shy away from promoting yourself and your work on social media?

There is a tendency on social media not mention anything about your products and services, so you are not seen as overtly selling. By keeping everything light-hearted and fun it’s means you are 100% social.Whilst this is all well and good and you may be seen as a nice sociable person online, letting others know about you and your business is essential.

Not keen on pushy, pushy social media marketing?

Getting the blend right between self-promotion and social messages can be a challenge. Especially when you’re about authentic social media and not keen on pushy, pushy, pushy marketing.

When you’re in full on promotional mode it is likely that some Twitter followers will unfollow, Facebook page likes turn into dislikes and some email subscribers unsubscribe. And none of us feel good when this happens, no matter how many times we try and reassure ourselves that it’s OK to let them go. (But, it really is OK in the long run!)

However, when you are running your business and a socialpreneur you’ve got to tell others about your products and services to help raise awareness, as we’re not all using social media to play and procrastinate.

I know when I am deliberately in the “promotional social zone” and some of my social community pick up on it. Even though I feel I am blasting my salesy type messages out there continuously, there will still be social connections who have no absolutely no idea what I am up to. They missed the posts completely.

This is where your social strategy comes into effect, when you have your own clear content plan and ideas in place it helps you to keep a balance between self promotional and social messages.

Be Consciously Social

Within your social strategy decide what feels right to you. Taking the time out to be more “consciously social” is the key to helping you raise awareness of what you need to, stay focused, aware and understand what your intentions are.

When you are in business it is absolutely acceptable and essential that you share and tell others what’s on offer, whether it’s your products on sale, special offers, eBooks and downloads, new websites, e-newsletters, workshops and so on. Even how people can hire your services and expertise if you are of service to others.

As if you don’t share how else are your people going to find you and choose to do business together? Continue reading

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