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How Do You Use Social Media in Your Petite Business?

Scarletta Media Bonjour

As the social world continues to evolve, petite business owners are finding that how they use social media marketing has changed. I know in the early days of launching Scarletta Twitter was the number one social platform to help me raise awareness of my workshops, blog posts and news and views. But it’s not now.

I am still a huge fan of Twitter and won’t be boycotting it and tweeting off somewhere else. Although plenty of other people are. Maybe you have too?

Instagram has boomed and again seven years ago in the early days of social businesses this did not appear within petite business social strategies. Now it most certainly does feature at the top.

30% of internet users are now on Instagram and it has become the second most engaged social network after Facebook. For now.

I love Instagram, not necessarily to promote and raise deliberate awareness of my business. I love it because I enjoy taking and sharing images. Maybe you do too? Or maybe you detest it with a passion?

As for Facebook, the only way to be seen and heard these days is to spend, spend, spend. Clicks, comments and likes via organic means are definitely not what they used to be. However, if you are savvy about which posts you promote via paid means, you can get brilliant results. So I hear.

Then there are those who are frazzled and worn out by being online and are ditching social platforms all together and off for a complete social sabbatical. Continue reading

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Colour Outside the Social Lines

Colour Outside the Lines

There is no doubt, the Social Revolution has changed our world. How we communicate. How we connect with people on a global level. How we engage, learn and connect with like minds. And how we express ourselves, our voices, our personalities and our work.

The Internet is an incredible tool whereby everything can be joined up and connected like never before.

What this means for us as individuals and petite business owners is regardless of where we are located in the world, we now have vast opportunities available to us to enable the creation of personable online platforms.

This is where we can share our own identities, tell others what we believe in and be visible all at the click of a button.

Everything is possible. The world is our oyster. We are by-passing traditional media and creating our own rules on what and how we choose to communicate.

But there is a downside

The enormous downside of this incredible opportunity is that it is open to all. Millions and millions of us with access to the internet, often with something to say, creators of social content and willing to publish our material online several times a day.

Grabbing attention now online is hard and it shows no signs of slowing down. Continue reading

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