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If You Only Share One Message on Social Media


Talking to other petite business owners one of the biggest challenges we all face is selling our services and products. We don’t want to be seen as pushy, inauthentic and manipulative, or railroad people with a frenzy of formula marketing messages that sees them whipping out their credit cards before they’ve really had the opportunity to realise what they’ve signed up for.

However, the fact is unless we are finding and keeping clients and selling our wares, we don’t have a business, we have a nice hobby. And hobbies don’t necessarily pay the bills do they?

Learning about sales techniques has been high on my agenda and I’ve noticed some people have no problem at all sharing their constant sales pitches online with little social interaction in between.

At the other end of the scale there are those petite business owners who consistently fail to mention any of their services at all within their social content for fear of being labelled anti-social. And it’s those people who I am concerned about the most.

If you don’t share what’s on offer and how you can help others, how are they going to know you’re the person to help them?

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