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The Social World Isn’t Always a Scary Place

Scary Stuff

It is daunting deciding to join in with social media, many common barriers include technology, the social language can be like landing on Mars, with hashtags, trending and likes, and finding people of interest, let alone reaching out and conversing with them is a massive scary thought.

One of the best things to do if the social world feels alien and scary to you is decide who you want to connect with in the first place. As having online chums to chat to means the social world feels a lot less scary than before.

Do Your Social Research First

So make a list of people you already know, made up of current and past clients and customers. Then another list with local people and businesses. And finally consider what interests you personally and professionally. This could be things like yoga, business tools, finance, music etc. Continue reading

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Can I Wear My Converse?

The Red ConverseA big day of meetings and an event lay ahead in London, and when in London I like to walk around as much as I can, because I love city life and if the opportunity arises I can take photos whilst on the move.

So with all this walking about me and shoes with heels do not mix.

I need to feel comfortable whilst out and about and now I am mostly based at home I rarely wear heels anymore. Only when I am really dressed up with somewhere special to go.

The Dilemma

But the thoughts going through my mind as I got ready to go were along the lines of is it the done thing? What will people think of me etc etc?

The dilemma was that I would need to take another pair of shoes, lug them around in my already heavy bag and change into them later.

Or I could wear my jeans and Converse as I normally do and be done with it. And feel comfortable.

You Don’t Have to be Suited and Booted

Thoughts of corporate life were still popping into my head about creating the right impression whilst social networking, being taken seriously and obviously being appropriately suited and booted.

I would never have rocked up to a meeting or event dressed casually. Never.

But those days are long gone. The thing is that isn’t my life anymore and it hasn’t been for a long time. In fact my office clothes have been packed off to charity shops.

I spend my days dressed in my own comfortable style. During the summer months this means my footwear attire is flip flops and now as it’s getting colder Converse and cosy boots. Continue reading

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Do You Need Social Media if Business is Booming?

Do you need social media I’ve been getting out and about talking to people in the real world about social media and it is always great to do as you get to know exactly what stumbling blocks are out there.

During one talk most of the audience didn’t use social media for their businesses, so my recommendation to the group was that if they only do one thing online, it is to set up a polished profile on LinkedIn.

Regardless of your trade or specialty this is the place to be if you want to connect with others and build your network. And it is always visible in Google search results.

Why do I need to use social media marketing when I have loads of custom through referrals?

One of the audience raised a really good question and asked if his business is doing well without social media or having a presence online does he really need to be there?

This is a fab place to be in business isn’t it? To have an abundance of work coming your way just by word of mouth referrals that you don’t need to work on marketing your business in any other way.

However, with the economic climate being the way it is, I have worked with people whose businesses were pretty much stuffed over night when suddenly the work dried up, or a key client went out of business.

This subsequently had a detrimental knock on effect to their business in the process. Continue reading

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