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Create Your Own Social Media Footprints

What’s makes someone trust-worthy?

Why would you put your trust in one business over another?

When you need something, are you more likely to do your research and ask family and friends for recommendations as well as check out social media endorsements online?

Typically we want to see proof

We want proof that the business is reliable and able to offer us exactly what we want and need. And the person behind the business is who they say they are, they are genuine.

As if there’s any element of doubt, there is no trust.

The sad thing about the internet is that anyone can set up a website, share stuff on social media and claim to be the go-to-expert. However, when you dig deeper you often realise there is no depth or substance to these claims.

Bringing your business to life online is about you showing outsiders that you are exactly who you say you are. You are just the same in the real world as you are online. You are able to demonstrate the experience of working with you. And you have the social proof to reinforce your message and your expertise confidently time and time again. Continue reading

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Cringing at the Thought of Sharing Your Expertise On Social Media?

Scarletta Media Melanie Mackie

Being a social business is all about chit-chatting, mingling and sharing other people’s stuff, right?

If you dare to share what you do or are seen as “selling” it is anti-social, yes?

Hmm not entirely.

Being a social business is having the ability to blend your expertise, knowledge and how you serve into your social content. As well as being able to chit-chat, mingle and connect freely with like-minded people.  

Sharing other people’s content as and when it’s appropriate is not top of the priority list.

Talk about me?! Noooooo…..

More often than not it’s the emphasis on talking about your own expertise that sends petite business owners in to a head spin. Sharing quotes and meme’s, that’s easy. Striking up conversations and being sociable, pretty easy too. But talking about your expertise, now that is a toughie.

As so many people believe it is definitely anti-social and not the done thing to share our expertise openly online.

And I know there is a recurrent theme and you too may be familiar with these statements:

  • What will people think of me if I dare to share what I am good at?
  • My followers will unfollow and dis-like me if I start talking about my services or products.
  • If I speak opening about what I believe in I know I’ll be criticised and judged by others online.
  • If I take a softer approach people can find out more about what I do by coming to my website if it’s of interest to them.

Do you believe these statements are true?

Are you cringing at the thought of talking about yourself and demonstrating what you’re great at online?

Continue reading

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