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Why Do You Do What You Do?

Blogging Workshop 2

One of the questions I ask Scarletta clients and talk about during the Social Styling Sessions is your big why. Why do you do what you do?

Often the responses vary around having more freedom and flexibility, being able to have a free rein on creativity, choosing to work with people you really want to work with and sometimes we’re in it purely for the money.

Ultimately for many it is to know we’re making a difference. That thanks to our work, services and the content we create and share online, somebody somewhere is learning something new or has been inspired to take action. This is rewarding and propels us forward.

I’ve been doing a lot of talking in the real world and spent some time with the Corporate Escapees (love that name!) sharing my Scarletta story and the ways they can infuse their social content with more style and soul.

The next day I ran my first blogging workshop at our creative group in Reading and with 24 other petite business owners in attendance it made for a very lively session.

One of my big why’s is being able to openly and honestly share my own stories, lessons learnt and my views on the social revolution. If something I say or share helps make a difference to someone else then this feels brilliant and makes my job and business totally worthwhile.

When you openly share your stories and personal views you’ll know this isn’t always easy to do. As not everyone in the room is going to share the same opinions or views as you do. And not everyone online is going to either. Continue reading

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Reclaim Your Own Power With Your Blog

Rendevous Cafe

Have you ever had a competitor rip off your stuff on a regular basis? You are not alone and this is a subject I am talking about a lot with other business owners who are in dire straits, as a competitor is lifting their ideas, branding, website material and content instead of creating their own.

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating, and I know exactly how it feels as I’ve had it done to me several times. But the place where you can reclaim your power and identity is on your own blog.

Reclaim your own power with your blog

Your own blog is a brilliant showcase for you and your business, it’s a place where you welcome your social community to your virtual home and put your own voice out there, and no one else can pretend to be you. Especially if you write as you talk (yep this is always my aim!) and record your own video footage so people can see you. (Must work harder on this…!)

But having a blog isn’t just about getting over the competition ripping your business off. A blog is central to your online marketing strategy and goes hand-in-hand with social media marketing. 

The upside for having a blog is that you can share whatever content you like, encourage repeat visitors back to your website and provide valuable content to your clients and social community.

The downside is you have to keep up the blogging momentum and be committed to keeping it’s upkeep. Continue reading

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Sometimes on Social Media You’ve Just Got to Publish

Capture the moment

One of the stumbling blocks with social media marketing is having plenty of decent content to share but keeping it under wraps until it is absolutely perfect to be in the public domain.

What’s stopping you?

Sometimes you’ve just got to hit publish and trust that good enough, is exactly that, good enough.

I am the world’s worst perfectionist and have spent hours re-writing blog posts, eBooks and re-editing as I go along just to make things just so.

And well, perfect in my eyes.

Until I read a brilliant book called the Artists Way, and within the book is the lesson to just sit and create whatever comes up. And only when you’ve finished can you go back and proof read, edit it, re-write or re-shoot if appropriate.

Tune out from the inner critic

When I created the Social Media Map I sat and wrote over 17,000 words and just let it flow.

I re-edited and then I published it. Before I could sit there and scrutinise everything that was wrong as I saw it. The video posts within the course aren’t perfect, the lighting could be better on some of the clips, the intro’s could be better. On and on.

Do you see what I mean?! 

But I am not a TV presenter and I know that ultimately it gets my message across and show’s that I am human too. And so are you.

It’s your expertise people are interested in, not always perfection

If your words, blogs, videos and posts on social media help just one person surely it’s worth the trauma and hitting publish?

But if they sit in the depths of your PC or your mind it isn’t going to help anyone.

So if you think it is good enough, your social media community will too, as they don’t know exactly the grand plans you had for that piece of content.

Just capture the moment and go for it

Don’t spend too much time thinking about making your social media content perfect as you’ll never hit publish.

And sharing your social message and expertise will take up far more of your time than it really needs to.

Need some social content ideas? Here’s a post to help you

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