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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tools

Scarletta on TwitterTwitter is one of my favourite social media platforms. Through Twitter I have met some amazing people and connected with other business owners, marketed Scarletta, found new clients and learnt so much information.

And for tweeters there is an abundance of tools and tricks available to make life a lot easier.

Here are 10 of my favourite Twitter business tools which will help you use Twitter efficiently and market your business effectively.

1. Hootsuite – The one stop social media dashboard

Hootsuite has to be the number one social tool where you can do pretty much everything you need to do on one site. View your tweets, lists, mentions and messages, schedule your tweets and search out other tweeters. A social must have.

Set up your dashboard and learn exactly how to use Hootsuite to the max

2. Bitly – Doesn’t just shorten web links

Using Bitly enables you to shorten specific web links and you can even create your own customised link to match your brand. Bilty will give you clicks and tracking stats for your social traffic so you can do a lot more with your web links.

3. The Hashtag Dictionary – Use the right hashtag for your business

Hashtags are often overlooked and including them within your tweets is a great way to be visible to others and for you to search out valuable incoming information.

Not sure what the popular hashtags are for your business and industry? Check out the Hashtag Dictionary for all the keywords you need to add to your tweets to aid visibility. Continue reading

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Use Google Analytics to Prove On-line Results

Happy Day

Whilst with a client we decided to take a look at Google Analytics to see what activity had taken place since starting to use social media a couple of months ago.

She said to me that her family had joked that no one would be interested in reading her blog, so with this firmly in her mind she wasn’t expecting any good results or new visitors.

What a turn up

It was an absolute delight when we could see clearly in the report that her blog page had received the most visits of all, which was a pretty good start and very encouraging. A happy day.

We all have to start somewhere and over time bit-by-bit your on-line community grows and expands when you least expect it to, regardless of all the banter and joking around.

People do turn up

Ensure you have a reporting or tracking tool in place to remind you that people are turning up and paying attention to your work, even if they don’t comment they are still stopping by. Continue reading

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The Social Media Map eCourse Star Pupils

Star Flowers

It has been a really interesting and rewarding time watching the social output of The Social Media Map e-course classmates. And what makes it even more worthwhile is watching those who take action immediately.

No faffing or excuses just hard work and the commitment to make changes.

It takes hard work, creativity and courage to be a social business

Writing the eCourse has taken me right back to the beginning of Scarletta Media and reminded me of my reasons for creating a social business in the first place.

I want to continue to give my clients and community honest and realistic expectations of what it takes to become and maintain a social business. And that often involves hard work, creativity and persistence. As well as putting yourself out there even when you feel a tad uncomfortable at times.

The Social Media Map eCourse Scarletta Star Pupils

So here is a big mention for the Scarletta Star Pupils. Thank you ladies for joining me on the e-course and for taking the time to support and encourage each other within our private Facebook group.

I have witnessed a brilliant and generous social media community in action and this is a marvelous effort all round.

Did you know?

A question that came out of the course was how to get recommendations on your LinkedIn company page, all you need to do is create some products or services first and then your clients and customers can add a recommendation based on this rather than an individual. Check out the LinkedIn Learning Centre for all the guides.

Do you want to become a Scarletta Star Pupil?

Sign up for the Social Media Map eCourse and start creating your very own social media strategy immediately

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