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Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

Social Styling Sessions at Scarletta Media

One of the ways to learn and connect more deeply with other social users online now is within Facebook groups and over the last few months I have joined several brilliant groups, all offering different support and valuable information for various aspects of my business.

I’ve been learning all about publishing skills for books, broadening my expertise with PR and how to engage effectively with journalists and the press, how to radically show up authentically in life and business and ways to decide what success looks and feels like to me. My notebooks are bumper full of ideas and actions for me to implement. And I have made some new social friends and connections along the way too.

Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

The powerful thing that I noticed during my time within the groups is the recent introduction of Facebook Live Chats. It takes online conversation and engagement to a deeper level and brilliant groups are booming with interactive chatter, connection and learning within Facebook. You have the opportunity to get to know exactly what you want to help propel you and your petite businesses forward. Continue reading

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How Do You Want to Use Facebook?

Thank You Scarletta 5

There is a social ailment circulating at the moment, it’s called “Facebook Fatigue“. Many users are inundated with social noise for business and personal stuff, are getting fed up of seeing negativity, such as the political thoughts of others, frequent online moaning and groaning and may get sucked into the dreaded social comparisons of not being good enough when seeing the impeccable glossy social lives of others.

You may have heard of it, or may be a sufferer?

As I hear this all the time when chatting about Facebook: “I do not want to use Facebook but know I need to be there for my business!” Or “I’ve really had enough of Facebook and want to close my account“.

So if you are suffering from this Facebook lurgy, you have a choice on how you want to use Facebook. Maybe it isn’t the right place to connect with your people, in which case cut your losses and focus on the online places where your tribe are hanging out.

But if you know you need to be on Facebook for your petite business there is an alternative approach, without you getting caught up in the drama and woes of others.

The inside scoop as to how I use Facebook for Scarletta

I have my Scarletta business page  and this is where I share ideas and inspiration for petite social businesses. I up-date it when I feel I have something appropriate to share, it may be once a day, every few days, or sometimes even longer. I make use of Facebook advertising when I want to raise visibility. Sometimes it does the trick and sometimes it doesn’t. But I continue to play, tweak and test.

Continue reading

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What Happens When You Buy Followers and Likes?


Getting new Twitter followers and people to like your Facebook page is still one of the biggest priorities for businesses and regardless of existing interaction, everyone wants more. Why? Because it looks good to others.

If you have thousands of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers you and your business must be doing well. And the bigger the social community the better your success.

But I believe this isn’t the case and I’ve been doing some social testing. The results aren’t really surprising.

Facebook would like you to spend to be seen and liked

The fact is that Facebook want business page owners to spend money to be seen and liked. When I created my Facebook page back in 2009, there weren’t that many of us about, particularly in the UK. Since then it has been social boom time and the sheer amount of small business pages on Facebook is over 25 million and growing.

So advertising your page and promoting your posts, seems like a good investment and the way to go doesn’t it, especially when you’re up against such stiff competition?

The results from my own tests concluded that if you want to increase the magic page like amount and this is your sole intention, on average you can expect 40-50 overall page likes for £5.00 per day for a 3 day campaign.

But what happens afterwards? Continue reading

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