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Do You Need Social Media if Business is Booming?

Do you need social media I’ve been getting out and about talking to people in the real world about social media and it is always great to do as you get to know exactly what stumbling blocks are out there.

During one talk most of the audience didn’t use social media for their businesses, so my recommendation to the group was that if they only do one thing online, it is to set up a polished profile on LinkedIn.

Regardless of your trade or specialty this is the place to be if you want to connect with others and build your network. And it is always visible in Google search results.

Why do I need to use social media marketing when I have loads of custom through referrals?

One of the audience raised a really good question and asked if his business is doing well without social media or having a presence online does he really need to be there?

This is a fab place to be in business isn’t it? To have an abundance of work coming your way just by word of mouth referrals that you don’t need to work on marketing your business in any other way.

However, with the economic climate being the way it is, I have worked with people whose businesses were pretty much stuffed over night when suddenly the work dried up, or a key client went out of business.

This subsequently had a detrimental knock on effect to their business in the process. Continue reading

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Social Word of Mouth Networking

Social NetworkingAre you a born connector and social networker?

Using social media helps us connect with like-minded people and grow our trusted networks online. Just the same as how we network off-line.

I have a client who is a brilliant and generous connector, she regularly e-mails her contacts who she believes will mutually benefit by getting together and collaborating to help grow their businesses.

Build a trusted social support network

It is essential when working as a solopreneur to build a trusted support network that complements your service offering.

Working in a collaborative way benefits you as you can outsource work that you prefer not to do or if it is out of your area of expertise, and most importantly benefits your client who is more likely to use your services if you can deliver everything required. Continue reading

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Showcase Your Unique Talent on LinkedIn

Keep Calm and Showcase TalentI don’t know if it is ingrained in our culture that we don’t like to sing our own praises. But it has never been more important to demonstrate our credibility and expertise, especially in the current economic climate.

I am not suggesting that we start showing off and bragging to anyone who will listen.

No one likes a show off!

It just amazes me how many people keep their talent and skills under wraps and don’t highlight what they are good at, especially on-line.

If you don’t share your expertise and knowledge how will others know you are exactly what they are looking for?

Here is the thing about the digital world, everyone has the technology at hand to find out information about others.

Before I start work with my clients, I do my homework and check them out  on-line.

Then when we meet I start asking questions to glean lots of information and insight. And often I am left wondering why haven’t you mentioned this snippet of gold anywhere before?

Showcase your unique talent and expertise

What I love about LinkedIn is that it is a softer sell and fantastic for showcasing talent and credibility. An informative profile with summary, work experience, career history and not forgetting those all important recommendations, is all there ready for potential customers and associates to see.

When started out with Scarletta I found it very hard to “sell me”. I don’t know anyone who finds this easy to do.

But I knew that I needed to get over it, be bold and demonstrate my work history and key achievements.

And the result is work has come my way via LinkedIn.

What makes you different from the next person?

There is no doubt that the recession is hitting people and businesses hard. Projects that always landed with ease are becoming harder to obtain.

Businesses are reducing costs and overheads, and opportunities are getting harder to find. So this  isn’t  the time to sit back and wait for work to come your way. Social media can help you be visible and LinkedIn is the ideal platform to showcase your talent and demonstrate what makes you different.

What are you waiting for?  Don’t be shy this could be how your next customer finds you.

Need some help showcasing your talent on LinkedIn? Download your copy of the Scarletta eBook here.

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