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We Are All Hard Wired For Connection


Do you know we are all spiritually, neurologically and biologically wired for connection?

It’s just that we’re very choosy over who we want to connect with. And with this magical tool we have at our disposal a.k.a the Internet, it means we have an abundance of people to choose to connect with online globally.

So how can we encourage people to want to connect with us online?

In order to entice people to want to connect with us there is something essential we must do first. Understand and share our big why. Continue reading

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Facebook Groups Perfect for Social Connections

London Meetup

For many social businesses the focus is predominately on creating thriving Facebook business pages, generating new likes and encouraging comments on posts. But being seen and heard on Facebook is an ongoing challenge.

Remember Facebook Groups for like minded connections

There is another huge part of Facebook that is often overlooked and definitely underutilised and that’s Facebook Groups. These social groups and communities on Facebook have boomed and continue to grow and expand. Whether or not you’re a fan of using Facebook for personal use, consider those who are using it and it’s highly likely that your people will be there too.

The statistics for people using Facebook from the moment they wake up until they go to bed is staggering. 864 million global users log in daily and Facebook is and continues to be the social place to go online.

There is an abundance of Facebook groups for personal and business use and obviously some are better than others. So you can be selective and opt in and out when you choose. Groups can be open to all or for private members only.

Facebook groups come in all shapes and sizes

The Facebook groups I am a member of vary in size and purpose, I join in with groups as part of eLearning and eCourses. I find groups for small business owners where the community shares ideas, supports each other and sometimes we self-promote our business services and offerings. I sometimes make use of a local group in Wokingham ideal for recommendations and news and views.

I also seek out plenty of groups alongside networking organisations so we can keep in touch in between monthly meetings. And I am a member of a secret squirrel focus group. We meet up in London every other month for a in-person catch up and a fab lunch, and use our Facebook group to keep in touch in between.

Joining and participating in Facebook Groups may help you to:

  1. Make business decisions, get valuable feedback and feel supported to take action
  2. Exchange ideas, share knowledge and offer your expertise to help others
  3. Connect and reach more of your people globally
  4. Feel a sense of belonging and be a part of your community and tribe
  5. Grow and nourish relationships and give you companionship especially when working from home

Continue reading

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The Social World Isn’t Always a Scary Place

Scary Stuff

It is daunting deciding to join in with social media, many common barriers include technology, the social language can be like landing on Mars, with hashtags, trending and likes, and finding people of interest, let alone reaching out and conversing with them is a massive scary thought.

One of the best things to do if the social world feels alien and scary to you is decide who you want to connect with in the first place. As having online chums to chat to means the social world feels a lot less scary than before.

Do Your Social Research First

So make a list of people you already know, made up of current and past clients and customers. Then another list with local people and businesses. And finally consider what interests you personally and professionally. This could be things like yoga, business tools, finance, music etc. Continue reading

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