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What Happens When You Buy Followers and Likes?


Getting new Twitter followers and people to like your Facebook page is still one of the biggest priorities for businesses and regardless of existing interaction, everyone wants more. Why? Because it looks good to others.

If you have thousands of Facebook Likes and Twitter followers you and your business must be doing well. And the bigger the social community the better your success.

But I believe this isn’t the case and I’ve been doing some social testing. The results aren’t really surprising.

Facebook would like you to spend to be seen and liked

The fact is that Facebook want business page owners to spend money to be seen and liked. When I created my Facebook page back in 2009, there weren’t that many of us about, particularly in the UK. Since then it has been social boom time and the sheer amount of small business pages on Facebook is over 25 million and growing.

So advertising your page and promoting your posts, seems like a good investment and the way to go doesn’t it, especially when you’re up against such stiff competition?

The results from my own tests concluded that if you want to increase the magic page like amount and this is your sole intention, on average you can expect 40-50 overall page likes for £5.00 per day for a 3 day campaign.

But what happens afterwards? Continue reading

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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tools

Scarletta on TwitterTwitter is one of my favourite social media platforms. Through Twitter I have met some amazing people and connected with other business owners, marketed Scarletta, found new clients and learnt so much information.

And for tweeters there is an abundance of tools and tricks available to make life a lot easier.

Here are 10 of my favourite Twitter business tools which will help you use Twitter efficiently and market your business effectively.

1. Hootsuite – The one stop social media dashboard

Hootsuite has to be the number one social tool where you can do pretty much everything you need to do on one site. View your tweets, lists, mentions and messages, schedule your tweets and search out other tweeters. A social must have.

Set up your dashboard and learn exactly how to use Hootsuite to the max

2. Bitly – Doesn’t just shorten web links

Using Bitly enables you to shorten specific web links and you can even create your own customised link to match your brand. Bilty will give you clicks and tracking stats for your social traffic so you can do a lot more with your web links.

3. The Hashtag Dictionary – Use the right hashtag for your business

Hashtags are often overlooked and including them within your tweets is a great way to be visible to others and for you to search out valuable incoming information.

Not sure what the popular hashtags are for your business and industry? Check out the Hashtag Dictionary for all the keywords you need to add to your tweets to aid visibility. Continue reading

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Is it All Strictly Business on Twitter?

Before I launched Scarletta Media, I used a personal Twitter account in my name. The account is still open, but I rarely use it to tweet.

However I often see tweets that I want to share on Twitter, or participate in banter which isn’t really business related. I don’t feel it is appropriate to do this from the Scarletta account, especially now my tweets are featured on my website.

Using a Personal Twitter Account

So to help separate business and play I recently started to use my personal Twitter account again.

I use it in a completely different way and follow some of my favourite tweeters  unrelated to my work including bands, TV shows, magazines, lifestyle info, celebrities and of course friends.

The downside is that it is another Twitter account to manage, but with my personal one, I am happy to lurk, browse and read tweets and dip in and out as and when I have time.

Split Twitter Personalities

I had a conversation recently with one of my friends, who has a split Twitter personality, one for work and the other  for her personal stuff.

By having two accounts it gives her the freedom to join in with more personal chat without impacting negatively on her business persona.

I believe on Twitter it is imperative  to be authentic and show your individuality and character, but if you frequently tweet more personal information from your business account it could have a negative impact on your business brand.

I don’t know about you but tweets sent from a business account that really grate with me are:

  1. Just saying good morning – and nothing else
  2. Telling us exactly where you’re stuck in traffic
  3. Tweeting  about the weather incessantly

Whether for business or personal use it is etched in my mind to remember my brand, my tweets are “out there” for anyone to read, regardless of where I tweet from.

Think before you tweet

My tip for this post is  “remember to think before you tweet!”

Do you see conversations taking place on Twitter and want to jump in  but feel it isn’t appropriate to be doing this from your business account?

Or do you just tweet away regardless of the subject?

I would love to know your views have your say and comment below.

Are you following Scarletta on Twitter? 

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