Do You Have To Play The Social Tactics to Be Seen Online?

Colour Outside the Lines

There is no doubt, the Social Revolution has changed our world. How we communicate. How we connect with people on a global level. How we engage, learn and connect with like minds. And how we express ourselves, our voices, our personalities and our work.

The Internet is an incredible tool whereby everything can be joined up and connected like never before.

What this means for us as individuals and petite business owners is regardless of where we are located in the world, we now have vast opportunities available to us to enable the creation of personable online platforms.

This is where we can share our own identities, tell others what we believe in and be visible all at the click of a button.

Everything is possible. The world is our oyster. We are by-passing traditional media and creating our own rules on what and how we choose to communicate.

But there is a downside

The enormous downside of this incredible opportunity is that it is open to all. Millions and millions of us with access to the internet, often with something to say, creators of social content and willing to publish our material online several times a day.

Grabbing attention now online is hard and it shows no signs of slowing down.

As well as all this there is a lot to live up to, as people have become well known brands in their own right with the images they share online, their heartfelt blogs, video posts, social tweets and updates all created to give outsiders a glimpse into their amazing worlds.

Here’s a piece of me

Although the reality is that many of these hugely successful people brands have been very carefully and intentionally designed and marketed to only show and demonstrate the fabulous stuff.

Whether it’s endorsing a healthy lifestyle, following the ways to live like a celebrity or learning how to build an incredibly successful business, it’s all there available to us online through many different social platforms to inspire and encourage us to live this dream too.

The trick is to make it look good online, isn’t it?

Successful bloggers have the power and influence over their tribes and if they kindly endorse a product, latest craze or venture they are rewarded often with nice treats or products from retailers.

Businesses don’t really care about who the individuals are, they just want to emphasise to outsiders that this is the place to be. Being successfully social is really all about making things look good.

As when it looks good, it is more likely to create a knock on effect of people sharing and endorsing online within their own social communities quickly. This people based online word of mouth ripple effect is a.k.a going viral.

But we are realising that social media pages are not quite the booming authentic communities we are led to believe they are. Facebook likes and Twitter followers can be bought very cheaply at the click of a button just to add oomph to posts and to make them look lively and social.

So now we’re left feeling if we want to get noticed online this is what it takes to be seen as socially successful. This is what we need to measure up to. And from the outside looking in it all looks very attainable doesn’t it?

Having the ability to see through this social noise, hype and rules is essential.

We are waking up and can clearly see the social media marketing tactics that are created deliberately for show and have absolutely no depth or real substance.

So where does this leave us more authentic and transparent petite business owners?

  • Do we have to play out these social marketing tactics too in order to fit in and create an impact?
  • Do we have to spend our hard earned cash, promoting our content online just to be within a chance of being seen to gain more traction as well as likes and followers?
  • Do we have to be visible online 24/7 just in case we miss something, or someone misses us?
  • Is this the answer to building a socially successful petite business these days all about simply looking good?

No. I don’t believe it is.

I believe the ideal way to stand out online and be socially successful is the same as it’s always been online.

To be you. The real you. To be present, show up and share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts and expertise with others willingly and transparently.

It’s not about making you into something you’re not

But it is totally about establishing your very own signature social style that is genuine, authentic and as well as looking great feels pretty damn fabulous too!

Ready to colour outside the lines and break some social “rules”?


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