Create Your Own Social Media Footprints

What’s makes someone trust-worthy?

Why would you put your trust in one business over another?

When you need something, are you more likely to do your research and ask family and friends for recommendations as well as check out social media endorsements online?

Typically we want to see proof

We want proof that the business is reliable and able to offer us exactly what we want and need. And the person behind the business is who they say they are, they are genuine.

As if there’s any element of doubt, there is no trust.

The sad thing about the internet is that anyone can set up a website, share stuff on social media and claim to be the go-to-expert. However, when you dig deeper you often realise there is no depth or substance to these claims.

Bringing your business to life online is about you showing outsiders that you are exactly who you say you are. You are just the same in the real world as you are online. You are able to demonstrate the experience of working with you. And you have the social proof to reinforce your message and your expertise confidently time and time again.

Create your trail with your social media footprints online

Committing to being real and focusing on sharing social content that you’ve created means you’re easily able to authentically maintain your business and personal brand. And when you’ve created an online trail with an abundance of your own social footprints it will lead people directly back to the original source. You.

By positioning yourself and claiming your rightful space as a trust worthy leader people will grow to trust you

It isn’t anti-social to share how you can help others. You owe it to yourself and your petite business to demonstrate that you truly are an expert in your field. People will quickly and easily get the impression of you that you want them to have. They will know if there is a spark and synergy between you.

The people who trust you are far more likely to become clients and customers readily and easily. In addition to this you will build trust with “Ambassadors of your business”. Those lovely people who trust you implicitly and tell others all about you online and off. They do the hard “marketing” work on your behalf.

This then builds more and more social proof with endorsements and testimonials of you and your petite business.

You don’t need to give the hard sell or get sucked into formula social media marketing tactics that feel too pushy for you.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

The lovely sociable people who trust you will share on your behalf willingly

The magical thing is that social media doesn’t just bring me clients. It brings me brilliant connections who help me to spread the word online and off.

I don’t ask them to. Or pay them with bribes.

Believe it or not it is simply down to trust. They get to know me, like what I am doing and trust me enough to tell others about me and my business. There’s the magic.

So, to help you firmly shine the spotlight on to you and your work it is essential that you make creating and sharing your own social content sit at the top of your to-do list.

As it’s all well and good to be social and share other people’s material, but if this is all you are doing then you are not going to recognised as a thought leader or expert. You will be helping them keep the expert spotlight on them.

The Scarletta Central Hub

The Scarletta Central Hub is my website and blog, this is the centre of my on-line world and where I want to lead my people to time and time again.

I have total control over my website, I decide what it looks like, what content is shared and this is where I give my value added free services in the form of my blog, newsletter sign up and knowledge with the eBooks.

I want people to come over and visit my site because it is where I showcase my work. If they want to know more about me and how I work, this is where they see me in action and will get a feel of my approach.

So pretty much every piece of my own content comes back into my website, whether I posted it directly or via social media.

Only share others content that resonates with you and from the sources you trust

Personally for me to want to recommend other socialpreneurs it is likely I will have worked with them in some capacity. Or if not, I will feel I have enough evidence at my disposal and love their work so much I will naturally recommend their products and services to others. I trust them by what I can see online and know it authentically represents their expertise and approach.

As well as focusing on your own material on social media, by sharing information from sources you trust it will complement your content. As long as it’s in alignment with your approach and values your people are sure to love it too.

If you’d like support to create your own social footprint here’s how we can work together.

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