Cringing at the Thought of Sharing Your Expertise On Social Media?

Scarletta Media Melanie Mackie

Being a social business is all about chit-chatting, mingling and sharing other people’s stuff, right?

If you dare to share what you do or are seen as “selling” it is anti-social, yes?

Hmm not entirely.

Being a social business is having the ability to blend your expertise, knowledge and how you serve into your social content. As well as being able to chit-chat, mingle and connect freely with like-minded people.  

Sharing other people’s content as and when it’s appropriate is not top of the priority list.

Talk about me?! Noooooo…..

More often than not it’s the emphasis on talking about your own expertise that sends petite business owners in to a head spin. Sharing quotes and meme’s, that’s easy. Striking up conversations and being sociable, pretty easy too. But talking about your expertise, now that is a toughie.

As so many people believe it is definitely anti-social and not the done thing to share our expertise openly online.

And I know there is a recurrent theme and you too may be familiar with these statements:

  • What will people think of me if I dare to share what I am good at?
  • My followers will unfollow and dis-like me if I start talking about my services or products.
  • If I speak opening about what I believe in I know I’ll be criticised and judged by others online.
  • If I take a softer approach people can find out more about what I do by coming to my website if it’s of interest to them.

Do you believe these statements are true?

Are you cringing at the thought of talking about yourself and demonstrating what you’re great at online?

The thing is many social users have been led to believe that it is enough to have a Facebook business page, tweet and share fabulous images on Instagram and just by showing up in this way people will get to see you and this is enough for them to choose to become clients and customers. The reality is you could be waiting a very long time for this to happen with this approach.

As the pressure is on us all now more than ever to get noticed online and if you’re not showing up powerfully, sharing anything at all about your expertise or giving people enough information for them to get to know you, love what you do and trust you to become a new client or connection, you are likely to be overlooked for someone else offering similar services to you who is out there loud and proud. And that won’t do will it?

You know you are brilliant at what you do, you know who your ideal clients are and exactly who the people are that you want to connect with and serve. The big problem is they don’t know enough about YOU and what you do.

One of the biggest challenges in being a social business is to work on forgetting about what people may or may not think about you. Yes there is a danger if you put yourself out there fully that you might be judged, rejected or ridiculed for sharing your expertise, beliefs and views. But when you do speak out authentically it sparks the right connections for you.

Your value and self worth is not measured by the number of likes, followers and comments on social media. Your services are not ideal for everybody and that’s how a social business flows, people come and go. They may once of liked or wanted what’s on offer, and now they may not. But when you focus on each person as an individual instead of a number, you begin to see the difference for the right people you set out to serve.

Everyone does not think, feel or see the world as you do. And that’s the beauty of it. No one can be you.

Regardless of how many people offer similar services to you, it’s how you approach things and how you demonstrate your expertise and knowledge that is key. But you’ve got to be motivated to take the plunge to share and tell others online and only then will you become known, loved and trusted for precisely what you do.  And go on to grow your petite social business as a result. 

So if you know now it’s time to ditch your fears about being seen as the expert and are totally ready to make some radical changes to how you show up in the online world  I’d love to help you.

Take a look at the Scarletta Social Styling Sessions Programme and together we’ll focus on getting your online message nailed, work on making you uber visible online and build your expert living brand to make sure you and your petite business are definitely not overlooked in favour of the competition.

All you need to do is get in touch, we’ll have a chat about where you are now and what you want to achieve.

Have you missed the Scarletta Live Social Session all about how you can share more of your expertise online? No worries you can watch the replay over here in the Scarletta Facebook Group.

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