4 thoughts on “The Critics Are Not the Ones Who Count

  1. Linda Anderson

    Brilliant post, Melanie, and I totally agree with you, when we do not need or seek approval, we’re at our most powerful.

    This is where I believe self-employment becomes a spiritual path. I find the same blocks you describe coming up with many of my clients, and for myself too, and if we’re going to get our message out into the world, we need to find a way around or through them.

    For many people the roots go back to school days and not feeling included in any particularly group – especially common in those whose families moved around a lot. It’s a basic human need to feel that we ‘belong’ to the group – and back in the day, we couldn’t survive if we were excluded – so there are powerful subconscious reasons not to stand out on social media and potentially be rejected/judged/criticised/ejected from the tribe.

    So realising our ‘critics are not the ones who count’ is such a liberating thought! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Melanie Post author

    That is a brilliant insight Linda as often the blocks are things we cannot consciously work out or understand why we are holding back. And absolutely for me my self-employment has been life changing and an ever evolving spiritual path, with plenty of barriers and challenges to overcome. I know when I think about the people I am really talking to, my words flow and when I get a potential critic external or inner gremlin, there comes the block! Thanks for your comment x

  3. Lesley Pyne

    Great post Melanie, thank you.
    I agree completely that the critics don’t count, often they’re happy to sling comments from the sidelines but won’t share any of themselves. What helps me is remembering that I’m not doing this for me, so what I think doesn’t matter, I do this solely for the women I’m helping,

  4. Melanie Post author

    That’s a brilliant reminder too, especially when we get caught up in “should” we say something and speak our truth or not, thank you Lesley 🙂

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