If You Don’t Step Forward You’re Always In The Same Place

Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers.
They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you.
They don’t let you play small with your life.
These heartbeats are your people.
These people are your collective.

So here we are a week into a brand new year already. Does this year fill you with hope and wonder? Or are you already fed up and wondering what this year will bring to your life and business?

Over the Christmas holidays we went to Kew Gardens to see the lights and stumbled across this beautiful wish tree. I placed my card on the tree and it was magical to see the hopes and wishes of others too.

For me my wishes, intentions and vision for the year ahead are crystal clear and I am speaking out and sharing my own voice with all the things that matter in my world. With deep and meaningful conversations with my trusted tribe around me, writing and sharing what is in my heart and not in my head, letting go of what no longer feels good and focusing on my intention to use social media to raise awareness of the things that I choose to. Whether that’s in my personal life or for my petite business.

Social trends for the coming year….

Usually I see plenty of predictions for what the latest “trends” are on social media, where we all must be, what we all must do and how to be seen and heard. But this year the tone is very different. As we’re weary of the constant information overload, whether it’s coming at us via social media or too much negative news.

Managing social downtime

To have the ability to tune in to social media without it being a total distraction takes some doing these days. But spending some time offline enables us to listen to our own whispers. To reflect on where we are now and where we truly want to be. To disregard what everyone else is doing and forge our own paths ahead.

So what is the “trend” on social media now?

I believe it is simply this.

More depth, more meaning, more transparency, more heartfelt conversations and more compassion.

Demonstrating the ability to show more substance to our work and choosing to connect and collaborate with like-minded people who get what we’re all about. And switching off from all the rest!

The days of mass marketing and trying to follow or replicate someone else’s successes and formulas are gone.

Now we have to dig deeper, go within, understand our own priorities, motivations and life path. As now is the time to be more honest and show the world what you’re really made of, to reawaken your own voice and stand firm with your own beliefs and values.

As if someone else is going to “buy in” to you they need to see you talk about the things that really matter. Not just superficial surface stuff.

To trust you are being transparent and open. Not just sharing the social happy show reel.

And see that you are sharing from a place of your own inner wisdom and not cobbled together ideals from someone else that might look or sound good.

Women are starting to reclaim their inner voices and stand together

At the end of 2016 I could sense a powerful shift in women rising. Stepping back into their power. Figuring out more feminine ways of approaching life and business. Working on bringing things back in to balance. Ditching the pushy in your face sales tactics and marketing formulas and choosing to do business through deeper relationships and trusted connections. One of those women is me.

The vision that came very clearly to me towards the end of last year was standing alongside a group of women. As I looked ahead one by one another woman joined us. Before long there was quite some line. No one stood ahead or behind. But in a line. Person by person. Soul to soul. A tribe. A new collective.

As we forge ahead with this new year there is no going back to how things were before. Something within and around us has been stirred into action. Collectively groups of people are coming together to be the change.

Whether it’s a battle over equal pay, solidarity over treatment of women in the work place and society or even using our social media pages to voice a powerful message. One by one we are saying yes.

Letting go of the fears and persecution and saying “I am IN”.

You don’t have to do it alone as collectively we can make change happen

We are no longer solely operating from our heads. We’re moving into understanding what is our true soul purpose and expressing what really is in our hearts.

We are fortunate that we have freedom of speech and can use social media as our platform. But only if we are willing to be the change collectively we can make it happen, can’t we?

Next week the Scarletta Social Collective begins this “vision” of mine has become a reality. And I have been blown away by the support, curiosity and the incredible women who have already said yes. Count me IN!

It is my intention with this collective that it is unique and different. That individually we have our own intentions, wishes and dreams but collectively by supporting and standing together we can be the change.

And that every member is encouraged to feel able to show up in their entirety. Not just be known for their job title and elevator pitch. But to be able to express their living brand and what they feel passionately about. As well as our work and job titles, often there are other very important things we truly believe in and want to be able to make a positive impact for change.

Membership for the Scarletta Social Collective for 2018 has now closed, if you’d like to work together find out more here 


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