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Social Media Marketing Business eBook

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The Real Meaning of Socialism by Melanie Mackie

  • Are you using social media to market your business?
  • Have you created a Facebook page and hoped that people would just turn up?
  • Have you created social media accounts but have no idea what to do with them now?

Whether brand new to social media or a frequent user you cannot have missed the phenomenal growth and hype around how to be social and if you are not using Facebook or Twitter all is doomed for your business.

However, there is a lot more to consider than just creating a Facebook page and thinking people will come. They won’t.

How Your Business Can Become Social

The Real Meaning of Socialism summarises what it really means to be a social business and the key points you need to think about. You will learn the elements that go into a basic social media strategy, discover tried and tested methods and gain a valuable but simple social insight.

Social media isn’t something that is ever completely done and ticked off the to-do list. It evolves and requires your constant attention but once you have your own social purpose and direction, it becomes an easier way of life and will help you grow your social business.

In this Amazon Kindle eBook you will discover:

  • How marketing has evolved to include social media
  • How your business can become social
  • How to clarify your social voice
  • The Top 5 Scarletta social media marketing tips
  • And the real meaning of “Socialism”

Social media marketing doesn’t need to be confusing, waste your time and energy.

So grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit or two, have a break for 30 minutes and download your copy to understand The Real Meaning of Socialism and how to market your small business using social media.


LinkedIn Business eBook

Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn by Melanie Mackie

Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn by Melanie Mackie

Are You Keeping Your Skills and Unique Talent Under Wraps?

If you want to start using social media for business using LinkedIn is an ideal place to start. Out of all the social and professional networking sites, LinkedIn is a must have for small businesses and solopreneurs. We all need to network and connect professionally and this is the site to help you do just that.

Social media can help you be visible, get you noticed, help you win new clients and build your network. And LinkedIn is the ideal professional platform to showcase your talent and demonstrate what it is about you that makes you different.

How to Showcase Your Talent on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a softer sell and fantastic for showcasing talent and credibility. An informative profile with a detailed summary, work experience, career history and not forgetting those all important recommendations, is all there ready for potential customers and associates to see.

In this LinkedIn eBook you will discover:

  • How to create the right impression and get noticed
  • How to build and grow your network
  • How you can maximise your testimonials and recommendations
  • How you can showcase your business
  • Where to find the best groups and discussions

This eBook is not designed to tell you where to click and detail all the technical stuff. Although there are some quick video links to show you how.

But most importantly it is a guide to get you thinking about the impression you create, to give you some ideas of what to include to showcase your talent and the tweaks you can make to your LinkedIn profile immediately.

Ready to Showcase Your Talent?

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