Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

Social Styling Sessions at Scarletta Media

One of the ways to learn and connect more deeply with other social users online now is within Facebook groups and over the last few months I have joined several brilliant groups, all offering different support and valuable information for various aspects of my business.

I’ve been learning all about publishing skills for books, broadening my expertise with PR and how to engage effectively with journalists and the press, how to radically show up authentically in life and business and ways to decide what success looks and feels like to me. My notebooks are bumper full of ideas and actions for me to implement. And I have made some new social friends and connections along the way too.

Facebook Live Chats are Powerful Ways to Connect Online

The powerful thing that I noticed during my time within the groups is the recent introduction of Facebook Live Chats. It takes online conversation and engagement to a deeper level and brilliant groups are booming with interactive chatter, connection and learning within Facebook. You have the opportunity to get to know exactly what you want to help propel you and your petite businesses forward.

As for the group host this is a fabulous way for you to be seen and heard, whilst getting to know your people and social tribes a whole lot better than you can within a standard Facebook post. By creating your own Facebook group you have the opportunity to really gain a valuable insight into what your clients and customers want, understand their current challenges and if and how you can help them. Without having to assume or second guess what they need.

And there is no better way to bring you and your petite business to life online by people being able to see and hear you. It takes your online connections to a deeper level whilst elevating your expertise and credibility.

I created the Scarletta Facebook Group sometime ago to run alongside my e-Courses but in between courses it grinds to a halt and I have recently been reviewing my own social strategy and was thinking about what the purpose is for this group going forward.

Introducing Scarletta Live Social Sessions on Facebook

So within the Scarletta Social Facebook Tribe I have introduced Live Social Sessions, you can join me live on Facebook where I share social scenarios, solutions and ways to take action to help you get more interaction and impact. The live sessions run for 10-15 minutes depending on the number of live questions posted. If you’re unable to make the sessions live, no worries, you are able to watch at your convenience later on, as the videos are shared within the group.

The purpose of my Live Chats is to talk about topical social news, discuss your challenges and share social solutions that you want to know more about, whilst helping you and your petite business flourish online.

And of course I want to make this group as valuable to you as possible so if there are any specific social challenges you’d love me to talk about in future live sessions please do send me a private message via Facebook or email me at melaniemackie@scarlettamedia.com

All you need to do if you’re not already a member of the group is to request to join here on Facebook. I’d love to see you.

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