Has Pinterest Got Your Interest?

There is plenty of buzz circulating about Pinterest as the social network to watch. I finally managed to sign up and have been finding my way around and creating boards to see for myself what the hype is all about.

So what is it?

Pinterest was launched in spring 2011 and is an on-line pin-board also known as mood board where you can share images you love by pinning them to your own board or liking others. Everything is sourced via websites, blogs and other Pinterest users. The boards are based around a theme or keyword of your choice.

It has a purpose for me

Pinterest has a purpose for me and is a tool I can see myself continuing to use. One of the reasons is I am currently half way through a 3 month creativity course and part of my coursework is to create mood boards and source images, sometimes just of things I like or am drawn to.

Only a few days in I have found plenty of images that have inspired some of my other project work, which would have taken me ages to find browsing websites or purchasing magazines purely with the intention to rip them apart for creative ideas.

A brilliant social tool for creative types

Pinterest can be used to market your business and I can see that it is a brilliant social tool for some Scarletta clients so I will suggest they check it out. Particularly Interior Designers, Photographers, Image Consultants and any other creative types. Boards can be created and shared to demonstrate their own talent, ideas and style and also to source ideas quickly to pass on. And not forgetting it is a social network where you can follow your favourites and gain a following too.

Time for the ladies to catch up

This is an interesting infographic from Econsultancy that compares the trends from pinners in the US and the UK. In the UK there are more men than women using Pinterest, really? I am surprised at that and I am sure it won’t take the ladies too long to catch up.

Has Pinterest got your interest?

As with all these new things, they aren’t for everyone and it can be tempting to follow the hype of another social network where you should supposedly be. If you are interested in finding out more Pinterest is by invite only or you can sign up and wait to be given permission to access, mine took about a week to be granted.

Here’s a How to Use Pinterest Guide to get you started.

As I love seeing creative images and photographs Pinterest definitely has my interest. If you want to follow my boards here’s where you’ll find them  Scarletta on Pinterest

And as they say Happy Pinning!

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3 thoughts on “Has Pinterest Got Your Interest?

  1. Judy Heminsley

    I find that Pinterest is a great place for content that doesn’t fit well into anywhere else on my site – plus the fact I can happily help myself to other people’s pictures without fear of being sued!

    There has been a lot online recently about Pinterest sending more referrals than even the search engines, but this only happens if you only pin images from your own site, which I personally find a bit boring and self-obsessed!

    Beware if you do decide to start pinning – it can quickly become addictive!

    1. Melanie Post author

      I think I am drawn in hook, line and sinker! I love it and only been using about a week. It is very addictive and I am like a child in a sweetshop at the moment, not sure how long the novelty will last! Thanks for your feedback Judy

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