Email Marketing and Getting Permission First

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Permission marketing has been at the top of my agenda recently. With its opt-in’s and double opt-in’s, sign up forms, auto-responders and templates this has been rocking my world. All very exciting marketing stuff.

Exciting changes at Scarletta

Behind the scenes I have been working on some new material for Scarletta Media which includes the new eBook, webinars and online programmes. Pretty big business changes that need reliable and robust on-line tools to help me manage and process new transactions and subscribers sign-ups. Although amidst all this activity I unexpectedly found myself switching over from MailChimp to Aweber.

The original Scarletta newsletter was compiled and distributed via MailChimp, and it did the job. But as I started doing my homework and looking at the requirements I needed going forward, it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do.

Along comes Aweber my saviour

I decided to take the plunge and switch to Aweber after checking it out and it pretty much ticked all the requirement boxes. Phew!

It is a tool that I am paying for, but already I know it is worth it. Although it wasn’t without a few technical glitches.

Allow people to Opt In

If you are just setting up your own newsletters and auto-responders then it is easy to set up your new account and away you go. However, if you want to transfer your original mailing list across it’s not quite as simple as uploading the details. Aweber wants to know that the people on your original list have specifically given you their permission to be on it. Agh!

At first I thought what an absolute headache, everyone will get a message and what if they don’t want to come across? My mailing list could be back to zero!

But then, my rational mind realised if those people on my original list don’t want to be on it any more, then it’s best that I know and good to do a bit of housekeeping.

And I am happy to report that over 60% stayed with me and made the switch! Yippee. All is not lost. Thank you lovely people.

Although I did get in a slight pickle with messages going off all over the place out of sync!

The power of “The List”

Just because messages are being circulated via social media channels there are still people who want to get regular up-dates via email. Prior to setting up my original newsletter, I really thought I could get away without sending a regular bulletin and was tempted not to bother at all. But a year on, I am so glad that I did, as I have people who open my newsletters, read them and take action. This is great to know and feels like there is a tangible relationship and also very valuable feedback.

Get permission first

Part of my research has been to sign up for plenty of others newsletter and information and make a note of what happens as part of their sign up process. There is a mixed bag on offer, some just want email addresses, some you have to opt-in once and some twice.

Another reason I love Aweber is that they ensure the person enters their own details and cannot just be added manually without confirmation.

By sticking to this process you are adhering to permission marketing etiquette and not just spamming someone you met once at a networking event. There is a big difference. It is an intrusion when you get emails or know that you’ve been added to a mailing list without asking for them.

Everything is shared with you in mind

Everything is shared with you in mind and to help you market your business using social media. There will be more on-line programmes to follow soon, but for now I think that’s plenty to be getting on with!

Don’t you?

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