Modern Day Marketing And Social Media Styling Workshop

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to market your business?
Are you struggling to get the results you desire?
Do you wonder why you aren’t connecting with the right kind of clients?

Join the Social Stylist Melanie Mackie and Brilliant Business Angel Jo Soley to discover a more modern, holistic and authentic approach to marketing and social media. Which will connect you to the heart and soul of your business, expertise and living brand and transform the way you market yourself and your business

This workshop is designed to transform your marketing and social media approach so that your online presence reflects who you really are and acts as a magnet to your ideal clients. We help you reconnect with the heart and soul of your business, your expertise and brand so the right people get to know you, love what you do and trust you – and want to do business with you.

As experts in marketing and social media style and strategy, we’ll share exclusive tips and guidance on how to set yourself free from trying to market your business to everyone.

You’ll gain clarity on where to focus your attention for effective results and learn how to develop a clear, consistent approach which feels natural and easy to you.

During our day together we will help you to:

  • Create a powerful impact, but stay true to your mission, vision and values
  • Communicate in a way that flows, comes naturally and feels authentic, unique and instantly recognisable
  • Establish a solid marketing message, distinctive social media style and living brand that is professional, slick and speaks from the heart
  • Get ready to attract dream clients, win ideal work that feels nice and easy and is in full alignment with you and them
  • And truly transform the way you show up and market you and your business

Join us for this one day transformational modern marketing and social media styling workshop for female entrepreneurs on Friday 27th October in London

During the workshop we will:

Connect with you and your petite business:

We’ll start by connecting you with who you are as a person, your values, what you believe in and articulate what difference and impact you want to make in the world. What is your mission and vision? What is your big why? Who do you really want to connect with and serve? And how?

All of these things are essential to have clarity on before you set off trying to appeal to everyone and anyone.

Connect you with your message:

If you’re not completely clear about your message, how will your ideal client find you? By connecting deeply to your message it gives you clarity, a road map for your business and your people will know precisely what you do and how.

We’ll work on what’s in it for them, your key message, offering, the benefits and the all important results and outcomes your people will get by choosing to work with you.

Connect you with your own social style and living brand:

When we’ve done the work on you and your message we’ll focus on creating an authentic social media style and living brand that really articulates the heart and soul of you and your business. So that your communication “speaks” to the people who’d love to hear from you and connect.

By having a clear brand and style people will get a feel straight away if they believe you are the right fit and the person to help them. Or if not, move on to someone else. And that’s OK, you don’t have to appeal to everyone.

Connect you with your audience and dream clients:

The stark truth is that everyone is NOT your client. Fact. You want to be marmite. You want to stand out. You want to be sooooo right for some people that you are so wrong for others.

As when you speak directly to your ideal client, they resonate with you and feel that you hear, see and understand them and because of this they are inspired to work with you. The connection is made.


So by the end of our day together you’ll be able to tailor your products and services around the wants and needs of your ideal clients. Have a focused strategy and social style to reach them and know precisely what action you need to take now to transform your marketing and online space immediately.

As when you’re re-connected a remarkable transformation occurs. You start showing up powerfully and with integrity. You attract the right kind of people towards you. And suddenly your marketing and social media activity starts to feel really good to you and outstanding to them.

The Details:

Your Investment:  £127.00 or come with a friend with two tickets for £194.00

Includes: Meeting refreshments and a nice, tasty lunch.

Timings: Friday 27th October 2017. Connecting and registration from 9.30am, workshop start 10.00am prompt and close 4.00pm.

Venue: The Oyster Shed,  Angel Lane, London EC4R 3AB

Your Teachers:

Melanie Mackie – The Social Stylist at Scarletta Media

As the Social Stylist at Scarletta Melanie loves working with female entrepreneurs and petite businesses. Guiding and supporting you to stop hiding and start powerfully showing up online. Helping you work out what you want to say and creating your authentic social style and living brand around you, your petite business and your people.

Her job and mission is to bring the real you to life in the virtual world.

To encourage and empower you to speak your truth and establish your unique social voice. And powerfully show up and share your expertise and wisdom so that the people who need to hear from you find you easily online and choose to connect with you.

Meet Melanie here

Jo Soley –  Your Brilliant Business Angel

Jo Soley works with heart-centred female entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with their marketing to provide clarity to produce a steady flow of ideal clients to reach their desired monthly income target.

We are not instinctively born knowing how to ‘do’ marketing. When we train in something we love and want to share our message with others, we’ll likely hit a point where we realise that the clients don’t just appear!

And that’s when the overwhelm can kick in.

Jo helps you get clarity on your business, your message, your clients and your marketing by delivering the key principles of marketing to help you get clients and grow your business.

Meet Jo here 

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So don’t dilly dally if you want to join us!

We look forward to seeing you there in October!

Melanie and Jo

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Bookings are non-refundable so please ensure you are definitely able to attend prior to booking.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop you may send a friend or colleague in your place. Please get in touch to notify us as soon as possible so we can transfer your details.

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Should we need to cancel the course, you will be either able to transfer your place to another date or receive a full refund.