Scarletta Social Collective

The Social Collective Registration is Now Closed for 2018

Sorry the Social Collective doors have now closed for 2018

As a petite business owner it’s likely you wear many hats. You work with your clients. You manage the day-to-day admin. You are the face and brand of your business. You keep everything going and ticking over.

Somewhere in between all of that you also have full responsibility for showing up online and doing your social media.

Not forgetting going out and networking, trying to find your tribe in the real world with the right group with the right kind of people. Oh and then when you get a moment try and squeeze in a yoga class or a quick meditation for a bit of self care!

It’s a lot to do and be isn’t it?

Juggling it all and keeping up with the online world whether it’s sharing beautiful on brand images on Instagram, participating in Facebook Groups and constantly coming up with valuable social content is a challenge for many petite business owners. As we try to do everything as well as work on ways to keep ourselves motivated, informed and productive. Not easy especially when all on your own from home.

But what if in 2018 you could do things differently?

Within the Scarletta Social Collective we’re going to get to the heart and soul of you and your petite business and you’ll learn exactly what you need to be a social business in 2018.

Kicking off week commencing Monday 15th January we’ll go back to basics by working on creating your own solid online foundation, strategy and social style. Over our first eight weeks together you’ll receive a weekly module shared within a variation of written posts and video recordings delivered straight to your mailbox every Monday.

During the first eight weeks we’ll see exactly what you need to work on and improve:

  • Where are their gaps in your social knowledge and online activity?
  • What are you doing really well?
  • Are you focused on Facebook Ad’s, when really it would be better to invest in SEO?
  • Have you got a time for money model but want to create something that will earn you revenue online?
  • Would you like to focus on growing your email list but can’t fathom out the tech let alone what to write?
  • And most importantly what do you really want to talk about? What’s in your heart, not in your head? What would you do if you didn’t care what anyone else thought about you?

Week by week we’ll look at different aspects and bring everything together so you have clear guidance on precisely where you need to focus your time, energy and dosh online in 2018, so that you’re not only visible online you go on to make the meaningful impact you want to make.

And you won’t be trying to do everything alone. I’ll be there to teach, facilitate and encourage you. As will the rest of the collective.

Sorry the Social Collective doors have now closed for 2018 if you’re interested in working together take at look at the Scarletta Services here