What’s Social Media Styling?

A way to powerfully show up authentically online

We all have our own way of doing things and social media is no different.

And yet in this noisy social world unless you have anything remarkable to say or share that’s different or unique, you pretty much blend in with everyone else.

Though that’s not our intention.

So how about doing it another way and showing the social world precisely what you and your petite business are really all about?

What is Social Media Styling?

Social styling your online space means you work on consciously creating and establishing your social media platforms and messaging to authentically represent you and your petite business. As you really are now.

You have your own unique social media style, living brand and approach that clearly demonstrates who you are, what you do, how you do it and how you can help them. And you’ll work on giving people the opportunity to get to know you openly and transparently.

So that they’ll be thinking “I need to see more of this” or “I want to know this person better” or even “I know this person is the one with the solution I need right now“.

Then they’ll have more than enough information to decide to make an initial connection with you.

Bingo. This is the result we all really want isn’t it? No hard selling. Just a lovely yes.

Or if they can clearly see you’re not the one for them they’ll make a decision to move on to someone else. And that’s OK too. No harm done.

And we all end up in a much better place all round.

With your own social media style and approach, there’s no more time wasting on social media or endlessly posting social content that fails to hit the mark. Instead:

  • You become focused and get your message and expertise out there consistently. And are free to get on with the other million and one things a petite business owner has to do. 
  • You stop hiding and start showing up more powerfully than ever before.
  • You know why you’re using social media, how you intend to use it and precisely what you want to share and when.
  • You begin to make your powerful difference in the world, for you, your petite business and the people you want to serve.

So if you wonder and question

“What on earth am I doing on social media for my petite business?”

Then it’s time to start working on your own social media style and living brand – Let’s Work Together

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When you know you’re not making the impact you crave online you may look at others and wonder how do they make their social media activity look so easy and effortless?

To attract the right sort of people towards you and your petite business, a well thought out and authentic online presence is the first step.

And those who make their social activity look ever-so-easy have done their homework.

They know their stuff. This is why it works for them.

Here’s the thing. It will work for you too as long as you do the work on establishing your own social style and living brand, as well as having a pretty good idea of what you consistently want to say and share.

As you must know by now that turning up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sharing only other people’s stuff or firing off great motivational quotes on hourly automation does not make you memorable or a credible expert. Plus it’s probably the tenth motivational post they’ve seen that day.

Incidentally, I love a bit of daily motivation and marvelous quotes, but my big why and petite business is not about solely motivating others on social media. Is yours?

Nope. Not you either.

So, what people really need to see from you is precisely who you are and importantly how you can help them?

And be reminded of it on social media over and over again.

Why not stop hiding and start powerfully doing social media in your own style?

When you focus on consciously creating and demonstrating your own social style it helps you:

  • Stop mindlessly doing social media and start using your online space to show up as you really are
  • Radiate a sense of your truth, authenticity and living brand
  • Find the courage, ability and confidence to share your own expertise and wisdom without apology
  • Be seen, heard and trusted for your own unique social voice

Which means your people know they are absolutely in the right place, right there with you.

So are you ready to start the work on establishing your own cohesive social style and living brand that reflects who you are now and what you’re really all about?

Fabulous. Pop your details into the box and receive three essential social styling sessions to get you started on establishing your own social style straight away.

And then we’ll begin the work.