2 thoughts on “There’s More to Facebook Than Likes!

  1. Sandi Cornez


    You summed up the main thrust of the Game of Like so beautifully. Yes it was much more than just Liking pages. People connected authentically. Relationships were formed. And this is networking at its best.

    I liked your 3 terms and their definitions. I’m a Miingler.

    A tip -when reading a post or an update that you really resonate with, please take the time to comment even briefly. This keeps the conversation moving.

    Thank you for this great post.

    Sandi Cornez

    1. Melanie Post author

      Thanks Sandi for your comment and I love the tip, people seem to have less time to comment and tend to “like” particularly on Facebook. And interaction, feedback and conversation is invaluable to keep communities alive. Melanie


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