What People Really Want to Know About You


Talking to other petite business owners one of the biggest challenges we all face is selling our services and products. We don’t want to be seen as pushy, inauthentic and manipulative, or railroad people with a frenzy of formula marketing messages that sees them whipping out their credit cards before they’ve really had the opportunity to realise what they’ve signed up for.

However, the fact is unless we are finding and keeping clients and selling our wares, we don’t have a business, we have a nice hobby. And hobbies don’t necessarily pay the bills do they?

Learning about sales techniques has been high on my agenda and I’ve noticed some people have no problem at all sharing their constant sales pitches online with little social interaction in between.

At the other end of the scale there are those petite business owners who consistently fail to mention any of their services at all within their social content for fear of being labelled anti-social. And it’s those people who I am concerned about the most.

If you don’t share what’s on offer and how you can help others, how are they going to know you’re the person to help them?

  • You can be a social being with lots of really valuable social content. Brilliant big tick for you.
  • You can be inspiring others with quotes and ditties on your Facebook page. Lovely more ticks for you.
  • You can be religiously writing informative blog posts and sending out your newsletters. Marvelous all good marketing so far.
  • And then you can fail to mention regularly on social media exactly how people can work with you or share what’s on offer. #bigfail

If there’s one piece of information that you need others to know, it’s what you do and how you can help them.

I believe we don’t have to give it a hard sell online or off. There isn’t some whizzy sales tricks that make people buy.

After all this training and observing I know it’s about having something that people need and want and about making it so easy for them to decide whether to buy from you or not.

When we share plenty of information on our expertise and services it helps our people make an informed decision. And if we don’t allude to how we can help then how will they know what help is at hand?

A real life example of what not to do

At a networking group I attend we had a 45 minute session all about making the sale. It was bumper full of great advice and tips to help us and when it came to a close we were all hungry for more, our speaker could have easily continued if only we’d had more time.

Even though this slot was all about selling, the ironic thing was our speaker failed to wrap up and inform us of her sales support services or share the details of a webinar that was coming up soon.

Whether it was her intention not to mention her services or it was simply due to being out of time I thought it was a huge opportunity missed.

There were about 20 of us in the room all eager to learn more from her. The moment passed and people started leaving without any more information. And once people leave they are unlikely to take any action whether you grabbed their interest in the room or not.

And it’s even harder to keep people with you long enough online.

My own social style includes sharing what’s on offer at Scarletta as a priority

Since doing my “sales without being pushy training” I notice the ready made formulas and scarcity selling techniques a lot more than ever before.

My own social style includes the very important bit on how I will inform others online of what’s on offer in a way that feels authentic and congruent with me. I happily share one daily promotional post on social media and blend the other social stuff in and around it.

Share how you can help instead of sell

Using social media can help you be known which is great, but if you want people to know exactly how you help others then this is an ideal way to find new clients and remind previous clients of the way you serve now.

Make it so easy for people to know exactly what’s on offer and pro-actively share how they can work with you and be able to take it further.

Blend it in with all the other useful content you share and this may help you grow your social community and petite business.

As staying under the radar doesn’t help you and especially them.

You may find former clients come back when they’ve been reminded of how you can help. I know this works as the majority of my work this year has come from repeat clients, who saw a new service offering online and made contact. Oooh I love it when that happens.

And the picture above was taken whilst out and about in Nice, I said to Mr Scarletta “I wonder if they only sell umbrellas?”

Yep, make no mistake umbrellas only available for sale inside. It was clear from the outside exactly what was on offer after all.

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8 thoughts on “What People Really Want to Know About You

  1. Helen Rebello

    This brilliant post made me want to go and hide my head in shame in the corner. Yes I am one of those people who really resists overly referring to how I help people when I’m online – in my case it’s because I’m worried people might think I’m ‘one of those’ people you refer to – the ones using tactics etc. That and I somehow magically expect all my ‘right people’ to find me when they need to! Thank you for the reminder to make it easier for them – and for me – this post has really given me a lightbulb aha moment 🙂

  2. Caroline Domanska

    Great post, I’ve been in a sales role for a long time, but somehow in my coaching work I feel I should be less out there, which reading this I realise I’m doing all the nice bits but not much of the asking for business! Time to get that sorted!

  3. Melanie Post author

    I hereby give you permission Helen Rebello to share your amazing and brilliant work online, how’s that?! 🙂 Go for it you have an amazing gift to share and have helped me enormously so keep on going lovely lady and share your expertise with pride x

  4. Melanie Post author

    Brilliant to hear Caroline and enormous luck sharing your talent and expertise online thanks for coming by 🙂

  5. Lesley Pyne

    Great reminder Melanie & what a great story. I’ve never been so remiss at a networking meeting and I also know that I can be more open online about how I help.
    Sharing testimonials as a great way of demonstrating this don;t you think? and how often do we share them? Could do better on this too!

  6. Melanie Post author

    Testimonials and social proof are also brilliant ways of highlighting how you help without being too pushy, I look forward to seeing more of the amazing outcomes you’ve helped others achieve Lesley x

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