Why Do You Do What You Do?

Blogging Workshop 2

One of the questions I ask Scarletta clients and talk about during the Social Styling Sessions is your big why. Why do you do what you do?

Often the responses vary around having more freedom and flexibility, being able to have a free rein on creativity, choosing to work with people you really want to work with and sometimes we’re in it purely for the money.

Ultimately for many it is to know we’re making a difference. That thanks to our work, services and the content we create and share online, somebody somewhere is learning something new or has been inspired to take action. This is rewarding and propels us forward.

I’ve been doing a lot of talking in the real world and spent some time with the Corporate Escapees (love that name!) sharing my Scarletta story and the ways they can infuse their social content with more style and soul.

The next day I ran my first blogging workshop at our creative group in Reading and with 24 other petite business owners in attendance it made for a very lively session.

One of my big why’s is being able to openly and honestly share my own stories, lessons learnt and my views on the social revolution. If something I say or share helps make a difference to someone else then this feels brilliant and makes my job and business totally worthwhile.

When you openly share your stories and personal views you’ll know this isn’t always easy to do. As not everyone in the room is going to share the same opinions or views as you do. And not everyone online is going to either.

I believe we are the heart and soul of our petite businesses. It is us that people connect with and buy in to. Not a carefully crafted persona that fits someone else’s agenda.

Bringing your business to life online with more personable social content and authentic blogging is a challenge, until you know what you’re comfortable with and have worked on setting your own content barometer and social style.

I also know that many of us play it small as it feels safer and are yet to let go of the corporate mentality of fitting in with what others deem as professional, as opposed to trusting ourselves to speak out authentically and with transparency.

Challenges and comments I often hear during these social sessions are along the lines of:

Who wants to know about me, no one is interesting in reading what I think, they only want to know what I can do to help them?”.

Or “I don’t feel it is professional to share my heart and soul online, my clients aren’t interested in my personal stuff”.

The Get to Know You Better Task

So with these challenges firmly in mind I decided to set the blogging group a get to know you better task.

They were paired up and asked to talk for 3 minutes each about information they thought was relevant for the other person to know. One was allowed to talk and the other to simply sit and listen.

Afterwards everyone gave their feedback as to what they really want to know about the other person that they had failed to mention.

I have used this task many times and there always tends to be similar results. This time there was a recurrent theme too and it wasn’t tell me more about your professional capability or your services.

Pretty much everyone wanted snippets to help get to know the other person better. What made them tick, what and who inspired them with their work, how did they get to run their own business, what are their views on industry changes. How did they get to where they are today and so on.

Real meaty stuff. Not airy fairy fluff that everyone else shares.

Our stories and insights make a powerful difference to others

This is all personable and unique information to us as individuals. And it’s our stories and insights that help make a powerful difference to others.

Connections spark when people can relate to you and feel something. Whether it is empathy, being inspired or you-feel that me-too scenarios. But in order to achieve that we have to show up, be honest, speak our truths and be willing to accept the consequences when we do.

So if you really want to continue to make a difference to your social tribe think about how you can share more of your stories online whether it’s within your blog posts or social content.

How can you infuse more of your insights and personality so your people get to know the real you?

Humanity is much more attractive than technology or statistics or promises – says Jon

Jon was one of the attendees at the Blogging workshop and he clearly was paying attention and wrote his next blog post with not one but sixteen things and ideas he learnt during our session. You can read all about it here. Gold stars for Jon!


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