Ready to Use Your Voice More Powerfully Online?

You can surround yourself with positive motivational quotes galore, fill up notebooks with clippings of things you’d love to manifest, create vision boards and stick them up on your office wall. All great positive stuff.

But as I’ve discovered, unless you break each goal down into do-able chunks, step-by-step actions that you actually get on and do, and finally work on uncovering and overcoming any negative beliefs that prevent you from moving forward, you’re unlikely to make the progress you desire. You end up back at square one. Deflated.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you to do, unless YOU truly believe you are capable and are willing to do whatever it takes to make a success of your petite business, you won’t.

During one online class I learnt about how an Olympian athlete mindset is very similar to that of an successful entrepreneur. They are both focused and dedicated to continuing to take action towards their intentions and goals. Every single day. Building momentum as they go. They have the ability to overcome setbacks and reach their goals successfully. But it takes daily work, motivation and dedication to continue. They do the work.

And then there are those who create goals and only focus on the end result they want. And as soon as they get in to tricky water or challenges come up, which inevitably they do. They give up. They lose sight of the goal. It’s too hard to try and overcome.

So with all this abundance of knowledge and learning my overall takeaway is that our own success always comes back to our mindsets.

Bringing this back to being online and the world at large. You may have noticed this year that there is a shift in perspective?

Soulful women in business are beginning to speak out, more powerfully than ever before.

We all have the internet and social media at our disposal to help create powerful platforms to reach out to others who need to hear our messages. And it’s up to us to share our knowledge and wisdom to support and encourage our tribes to take the perfect and imperfect action, which will help them move forward and reach their goals and dreams too.

Your voice and expertise is definitely required.

When the going gets tough, the tough KEEP going…

I was interviewed for a podcast by Engel Jones, a guy with a world record breaking mission to beat with the number of people he could have 12 minute conversations with over three months. It is a remarkable story read more about it here and have a listen to some of the podcasts. The tragedy for Engel is the world record verification committee rejected his mission mid-way through. So what did he do?

He picked himself up and continued regardless. As there were so many people he still wanted to have conversations with. He could have jacked it all it and stopped. But he didn’t. He chose to carry on and this is all down to his own positive mindset.

His final question to wrap up our chat (in his gorgeous Caribbean accent!) was this:

Is there anything you’d like to share with our amazing audience Melanie as a takeaway?”

To which I said:

“Yes absolutely Engel, now is the time to use your voice to speak your truth, the internet and social media will enable you to reach the people that want and need to hear from you. Show up and speak out. And it’s time to make your powerful difference globally”.

And I’d love you to act on my message too.

  • Are you ready to speak out and show up online powerfully?
  • Do you want to work on banishing any limiting beliefs and get out of your own way?
  • Are you willing and motivated to use your online presence to help others?

Great. If you are nodding your head in agreement and are ready to take the next steps now, I’d love to help you find out how we can work together here.


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