Online Social Styling Sessions

Show up powerfully online with your own unique social style

You know you are brilliant at what you do, you know who your ideal clients are and exactly who the people are that you want to connect with and serve. The big problem is they don’t know enough about YOU and what you can do to help them.

As a result you know you are missing out on opportunities, clients, customers and connections because people don’t instantly think of you as the go-to expert.

People may know all they need to know about the products and services you offer, but very little about you. And because they don’t feel connected to you as the human being behind the business, there is very little opportunity for you to forge deeper human connections and build that all important online trust and credibility.

YOU are the magic marketing formula you seek , but if you are hidden away, sitting on the social side-lines and simply blending in with everyone else online, you are invisible to the people who really want and need what you have to offer.

So are you ready to shake up your social world and become more visible and powerful in your own right?

Brilliant as this e-course is perfect for you.blogging-workshop

The Scarletta Social StylingSessions eCourse

The Social Styling Sessions eCourse is all about getting to the heart of you and your petite business. There’s no fluff or jargon. But plenty of guidance and support. Loads of probing questions to get you to think about the impact you want to make in the world. Oodles of encouragement so you can ditch those horrible fears about being visible and really start to boost your social self confidence. And plenty of opportunity of course for you to start taking focused action to enable you to be known, loved and trusted for the amazing work that you do.

During the four weeks together in our online classroom:

We’ll focus on creating your online and social strategy, delve into your personal brand and establish your very own unique social style.

And you’ll also discover:

  • How to grow your online platform and community by getting some simple structure into your social media life, so you stop drifting online waiting for some magic marketing fix that never arrives.
  • How to offer real value to your social community by focusing on creating social content they actually want to read and take action on, without wasting your time and energy or theirs.
  • How you can raise awareness of your expertise, products and services on social media to make a positive difference to your petite business, without being seen as pushy or salesy in your approach.
  • How to finally work out what is preventing you from showing up and speaking out online and instead choose to make your impact and show up online powerfully with confidence, transparency and truth.

Now is the right time to stop blending in with everyone else online and propel you and your petite business powerfully forward.

This four week online e-course brings together all of the essentials and need to know now’s to help you make over your online space and together we’ll transform, reinvigorate and establish your very own unique powerful social style. 


The Details:

Sign up and immediately you’ll receive the first session directly to your email box. You can work through each one day by day or save them up for a big session once a week. Whatever works for you. There will be a combination of written posts and plenty of opportunities for you to practice and play within the Scarletta Social Tribe group on Facebook.

An added bonus is 1-1 time with Melanie where you will have the opportunity to talk about your own social style in more detail and of course be held accountable for the actions you need to take. Because that’s the only way to get the return on your investment, commit and take action. You will be invited to arrange your 1-1 30 minute Skype session on completion of the e-Course.

I’d love you to join me ready to start right now ?

Your Investment is £147.00

On receipt of your payment via PayPal you will receive your first social styling session.

Scarletta Media

The Scarletta Online Styling Sessions are ideal for:

Inspiring and aspiring soulprenuers, writers and bloggers, indie professionals, coaches and consultants, creative artists and influential change makers.

Collectively all petite business owners.

Petite and powerful.

As “small” sounds, well too small. So petite it is.


Social Stylistas Say:

The Social Styling Sessions e-course was really useful in encouraging me to take a fresh look at how I show up on social media and what I do. The sessions are easy to read and answering the questions helped me go deeper into each topic and look at it in a new and different way. Having been operating my business for 3 years I thought that my brand reflected who I am and how I really want to be known. Now that I’ve answered Melanie’s probing questions I see that this isn’t quite the case and as a result I’m reviewing my brand so that it reflects who I am now. The sessions on the different social media were also really helpful. Many social media coaches will tell you what you should’ do, but that’s not Melanie’s style, she empowers you to make your own choices. I realised that I would like to interact more on social media and as now have a Social Media Strategy. The social Styling Sessions ecourse will be useful both for those starting out in business and others who have been operating for a few years and want to refresh their brand and re-energise what they’re doing. Lesley Pyne – Lesley Pyne Coaching 

I easily get overwhelmed with trying to provide useful content on social media that accurately portrays who I am and what I do. Melanie Mackie’s Scarletta Social Styling Sessions provided a step by step approach that I found easy to follow and practical to implement. Pat Duckworth – Award Winning Author, International Speaker and Therapist

“I’d been sitting on most of the social media platforms for a number of years, without really understanding what I was supposed to be doing there, other than thinking that it was a good idea to have a social presence! I loved following the Social Styling Sessions e-course. Melanie has a gift for simplifying complex things, and it was a real education in how to decide which are the best platforms for me to focus on, and how to show up authentically online, so I can develop real live relationships and support networks that help me and my connections to thrive. Thanks, Melanie, for helping me understand what to do and how to be me online!” Linda Anderson – Tapping Coach & Mindset Magician Tap into Your Success


What do I need to participate?

Access to the internet and an email account to receive your daily sessions via email. A Facebook account if you’d like to join in with the group and of course a place to store your notes, ideas and actions. A nice new notepad is ideal.

Do I have to participate every day?

No, the e-Course is self-paced so you decide when you want to work through each session. Although to get the best out of the e-Course and your value for money, I recommend you block some dedicated time in your diary to go through each session and take full advantage of the Skype call with Melanie.

And you will need to allow 30 -45 minutes per day to work your way through each session. Maybe more some days and may be less. But there is homework and you are required to use some brain power in order to put what you’re learning into action!

Will I be able to get some feedback on my social profiles and website/blog as I make changes?

Yes – you will be able to ask Melanie for feedback within the Facebook Group however it will be pointers and tips not a full on in-depth review.

What if I need additional support?

Help is at hand Melanie is available to work with you individually on a 1-1 basis take a look at your options here

Any other questions get in touch email Melanie