The Power of Intention and Taking Action

During the Scarletta Social Challenge in the Facebook Group I talked about ​​​​​​​The Power of Intention and Action. As I know many petite business owners who have somehow ended up creating services, products and programmes based on what they “think” they “should” offer instead of what is in true alignment with their businesses.

What often happens by following someone else’s approach, you fail to attract the people you want to because the message and content you’re sending out online is vague, scattered and definitely leaves visitors and social communities wondering what’s actually on offer.

Which means your dream clients are hard to find, there’s more work for you to try to engage and convert potential clients and your social communities fail to thrive.

Deep down when you know that what you’re putting out there online and into the world isn’t about what you want to really attract, it’s time to work on the power of your intention and action.

When you’re clear on your intention you take inspired action that’s in alignment with your words and truth. You also quickly manifest what you desire because you’re clearly putting out words and actions that are in alignment with the things you want to attract in your life.

One of the biggest transformations for me and how I work was to get really clear on what I want now. For my life and work. And of course this was a total revelation and is a constant work in progress.

But believe me it is worth the effort. Especially when you realise how much time and energy is lost chasing things you don’t really want!

One of my goals was to increase my visibility and be seen and heard. So I created the Facebook Tribe, focused on interview opportunities for me to talk and share my expertise, I am interviewing other female entrepreneurs about how they show up online, I join in with more groups online and decided to actively seek out like-minded people at groups in person. (You can watch the Scarletta Social Tea Breaks here or see me chatting to other female entrepreneurs here if you’ve missed them.)

Another goal was to simplify what I offer. The programmes I have work for me in terms of how I want to work, for how long, where and with whom.

It used to be my intention to focus mainly on offering online courses and doing virtual work. What I realised is that I know I thrive and am in my flow being with people face-to-face.

And finally I realised my work/life balance was way out of whack, with a house to renovate I was finding pretty much no “me time”.

So for the time being I work with Scarletta clients on Tuesdays, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. Freeing up my time on Monday’s and Friday’s for domestic goddess duties, admin and a slower pace offline. And this month I finally joined a local yoga class near where I live now, after two years out!

By doing this inner work and focusing on my own intentions it means that I use social media to help raise awareness of the interviews, my Facebook group and the current services on offer.

The packages are streamlined on the Scarletta website, clear on the Scarletta Facebook page and if I am approached or feel the pull to go off course, I can make a decision whether or not opportunities are aligned with my dreams and intentions for my life and business. Do they take me closer to where I want to be, or away from it?

All of this helps me stay focused, take aligned action and avoid feeling totally overwhelmed with everything I could do, but in my heart of hearts don’t really want to do. As a result wonderful opportunities have come my way without me having to push, worry or agonise over them!

So if you have this constant battle of trying to do it all, but have lost sight of why, have a think about what is it you actually want for your petite business?

Not what you think you should do or have.

But really get honest about what you want.

Services that you love delivering on.

Opportunities you’re seeking.

People you’d love to connect with.

Clients you’d love to work with.

And how your work and business fits around your life overall.

Before you start auto-scheduling your social content consider does sharing this information take me closer to where I want to be, or away from it?

Then set your intention to simplify your online social messages and focus on solely talking and sharing this content online and with people you meet. Get really specific and tell us and them precisely what is on offer and what you are looking for.

It’s nice and clear for them. And more do-able, work-able and attainable for you.

Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to do something. Or stop doing something.

The image above was taken at the Baltic Museum in Newcastle, local school kids had a tile each and all of them we put on the wall to display their individual wishes and dreams and of course the photography one spoke to me!

So focus on your wishes and dreams that are meaningful to you and your petite business. Then go ahead and use your social voice and content to focus on these priorities and let go of the rest.

If you missed the social challenge, you can still go through all the 10 posts in your own time as well as watch all the Social Live Session replays to date. There are around 20 so plenty to spark some ideas and actions. Request your access here.

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