Scarletta Social Collective New For 2018

You may have noticed this year women are collectively starting conversations about things that really matter?

Collectively standing together to unite and support and encourage each other in life and business.

So are you ready to be the change in 2018? To use your voice, your words, your expertise and wisdom to help the people who really need to hear it?

The Scarletta Social Collective is brand new community for female entrepreneurs who want to learn, grow and talk about topics that really matter. To use the online world to show up and speak truly from your heart and soul. And are able to encourage others and receive that encouragement and support in return.

Launching in January 2018 this will be a place for you to learn, keep up to date with the latest social trends and news and transform your petite business and living brand.

But it won’t just be a one way street with information coming at you, you will actively be encouraged to participate, connect and support other collective members.

And you’ll also be given plenty of opportunities to talk about and share your own wisdom and expertise by showcasing your petite business too.

As well as an online collective there will also be optional in person meet up’s during the year in and around London.

So if this resonates with you all you need to do is register your interest places are limited and I’ll be in touch with everything you need to know very soon.

When we come together as a collective remarkable transformation happens and you don’t have to try and struggle and juggle alone anymore.

Membership for the Scarletta Social Collective is now closed for 2018, however if you are interested in working together take a look over here.


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