Scarletta Social Tea Break with Linda Anderson

Join the Social Stylist Melanie Mackie and Linda Anderson EFT Tapping Coach and Mindset Magician at Tap Into Your Success.

During this Social Tea Break Melanie and Linda chat about how to stop being held back in your petite business. Whether it’s blocks around money, being seen online or off or really showing up and sharing your truth Linda can help you to overcome this challenges and blocks.

Linda says “Being who you really are is actually quite simple when you let go of your fears”. Watch now to find out more.

EFT Tapping Coach and Mindset Magician at Tap Into Your Success, Linda is on a mission to teach heart-centred business owners how to stop procrastinating, wobbling on their prices, hiding behind the computer and playing small, so they can talk about what they do and invite people to work with them in a way that feels comfortable, in alignment with their values and in flow.

As a result they get more clients, make more money and an even bigger difference in the world doing what they love – and they don’t have to get a j.o.b. just to pay the bills!

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If you sense you’ve been holding yourself back and not playing ‘all in’, download Linda’s free Quiz ‘Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money & Success’ here 

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