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Scarletta eCourses and Masterclasses 2015

Scarletta e-Courses and Social Masterclasses

The Scarletta e-Courses and Social Masterclasses are ideal for aspiring socialpreneurs, you may be just starting out with online and social media marketing or you may have dabbled but know you need a sense of social direction, purpose and strategy for your petite business.

Participating in an online e-course is a time efficient and cost effective way to learn. You have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own time and you don’t even have to leave home. But you do need to be self-motivated, disciplined and of course get on and take action to reap the benefits.

Ready to stop thinking and start doing?

The Scarletta eCourses and Masterclasses are designed to be simple, easy-to-follow and logical for you to implement for your petite business. I don’t do fluff or jargon, but I do share all the tried and tested insights I’ve learnt to help you navigate your way around the social world efficiently and effectively.

You’ll find clarity, a sense of purpose and direction. And start building your social business and community.

The Scarletta Social Styling Sessions eCourse

The Scarletta Social Styling Sessions e-Course is perfect for you if you know now is the right time to be seen and known as a thought leader in your field. You are ready to be recognised for being a trailblazer and have a very important message that you want to share. This e-course will help you take the leap forward and step into your spotlight with your own social style.

This four week online e-course brings together all of the essentials and need to know now’s to help you make over your online space and together we’ll transform, reinvigorate and establish your very own unique social style.

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The Scarletta Social Media Masterclasses

The Scarletta Social Masterclasses are informative and full of bite-sized valuable information. Stuff that you really need to know and can get on and do straight away, without feeling even more overwhelmed, stuck and less inclined to get moving. As that won’t do!

All you need to do is sign up and you’ll receive class one straight away. Easy peasy.

Scarletta Pinterest Masterclass – Explore the World of Pinterest

Want to Start Exploring the World of Pinterest? I do love to pin and I also believe this is a brilliant place to be for fun and business. So to help you explore Pinterest and get started I share everything you need to know during this ten class online Scarletta Pinterest Masterclass.

Find out more and start pinning today 


Scarletta Twitter Masterclass – Tweet Your Way to Business Success

Twitter can also be a brilliant time-wasting tool if you are not focused and tend to procrastinate on social media, so the ideal way to use Twitter is to focus, have a plan and tweet with purpose and personality.

This masterclass will help you define and clarify why Twitter is the place for you and your business. In ten online classes we’ll work on creating your own simple and effective Twitter strategy step-by-step. You’ll know exactly how you want to use it, what social content you want to circulate and receive and where to find your Twitter tribe.

Find out more and start tweeting today


The Social Media Map eCourse

The Social Media Map eCourse is a five week online journey to design, create and implement your own social media master action plan and strategy.

The Social Media Map is a quick, easy, practical and effective solution if you know it’s about time you focused on creating and implementing a social media marketing strategy that works specifically for your petite business. This D.I.Y online e-course is full of simple, smart and socially savvy solutions based around your own goals, values and personality. Not anyone else’s.

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