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Tweet Your Way to Business Success

Tweet Your Way to Business Success – Scarletta Twitter Masterclass

Twitter is an instant on-line communication network providing real-time information and conversation. And presents great business opportunities for word of mouth marketing, connecting and brand-building. This micro blogging site gives you the opportunity to communicate with your own tweets which are a maximum of 140 characters so messages are short, sharp and to the point.

Scarletta Media on Twitter

The two fundamental aspects of Twitter are to build your own community by following people and then for other followers to follow you and your up-dates.

Twitter can also be used to raise awareness of your news and your shared content will help you encourage visitors to your website and blog. Your content can be blog posts, images, video footage, relevant links or anything that may be of value and of interest for your people.

Twitter users regularly connect and share information with others within their industries and often ask for feedback on ideas or services, so for businesses there are many benefits to getting involved. It’s a great way to see what people are doing in real-time without having to search out the information. It comes to you via your own news feed and it’s the place for breaking news.

Twitter will help you to:

  • Raise awareness of your products, services and petite business
  • Demonstrate your credibility and personal brand with your social content and voice
  • Gain knowledge and incoming information quickly and easily in real time
  • Connect with industry associates, collaborate and open doors to new clients, contacts and friends
  • Network and connect with people and businesses locally, nationally or globally

Twitter can also be a brilliant time-wasting tool if you are not focused and tend to procrastinate on social media, so the ideal way to use Twitter is to focus, have a plan and tweet with purpose and personality.

This masterclass will help you define and clarify why Twitter is the place for you and your business. We’ll work on creating your own simple and effective Twitter strategy step-by-step. You’ll know exactly how you want to use it, what social content you want to circulate and receive and where to find your Twitter tribe.


This is what you’ll learn in this ten class online Twitter Masterclass:

  • We’ll get going with the basics so your Twitter profile is suited and booted, you’ll know what information to include in your Twitter bio and how to customise your page
  • Then we’ll move on to the mechanics of Twitter you’ll know how to tweet, respond, listen and learn about the lingo and etiquette
  • I’ll share plenty of creative ideas on social content and what makes perfect tweets so you know what to tweet and when 
  • We’ll look at ways to build your twibe and reach out and connect with your people
  • And how you can make use of third party applications to enhance your Twitter experience and avoid  time wasting


This is how the Twitter Masterclass works

You will receive ten classes in total from me directly to your email box that you can read and digest and then take action. You will receive class one as soon as you sign up.

This is a self-paced e-class so you can work your way through day-by-day or when it suits you. Expect to allow an hour a day for the class and homework.

Ideal for Twitter Newbies

If you are not yet a Twitter user and a newbie, you may be wondering how on earth sending short messages, a.k.a “tweets” can make any difference to a business. And think that “tweeters” are all a bit bonkers conversing in some sort of secret Twitter jargon with our hashtags and retweets. This Twitter Masterclass will help remove the mystery and enable you to decide if Twitter has a place and purpose marketing you and your business.

Perfect for Tweeters who want to be more business focused

Or you may be a very sociable tweeter, having found virtual friends to tweet with and gained lots of loyal Twitter followers. Which all looks great to outsiders, but in reality your tweeting activity has created little success for your business or personal brand. It’s all very well being a social success, but if this doesn’t include any tangible business results it’s time to get your Twitter activity back on track.


Ready to tweet your way to business success I’d love you to join me?

Get going with Twitter immediately and start tweeting your way to business success.

Your Investment £27.00



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