Practical and Authentic Social Media Marketing

There are several elements to consider for marketing a business using social media and unfortunately there isn’t a magic formula or one-size fits all approach.

I hear these challenges regularly from business owners.

Sound like you?

The good news is that these scenarios are easy to fix, when you have a plan and understand social media is a balancing act between art and science.

 The Social Science the Practical Bit

  • Knowledge and Skills   Do you know the social landscape and the difference between social platforms?
  • Technology Do you know how to navigate, post up-dates to  your social networks and search?
  • Jargon Do you understand the lingo?
  • Applications Are you aware of the applications exist that will help you publish and share content when you are busy with other work?
  • Sharing Content What do you have to share, when  is your following likely to be online and where?   How often should you share, what are the preferred timings and frequency patterns?
  • Audience Identification Who do you want to talk to, build relationships and engage with?
  • Tone of Voice How do you want to come across? Friendly, informative, font of all knowledge etc
  • Results Any idea what to track and review? Monitor  and observe your following, not just numbers but trends, location and interests

So by reviewing the list above, the picture becomes a little clearer to help you identify what is working and what isn’t.

This list isn’t meant to be definitive, however summarises some pointers on where to start and what to consider.

The Social Art the Authenticity Bit

Getting your personal brand and social balance right, especially around how open and transparent you are is crucial.

Yes you want to be sociable, authentic and show a bit of your personality, but without  being too open, over sharing and boring everyone with irrelevant chatter.

We don’t always get it right and there isn’t a uniform approach for everyone.

I compiled a brief list of what is appropriate for me to share outside of general conversation.

And this is what I feel is inappropriate to share with my social networks:

I share:

  1. My social media news and views.
  2. Others social media/marketing/business posts
  3. Up and coming events / feedback after events
  4. Company news and blog posts
  5. Links to content from favourite sources  clients, industry or sector specific

I try and keep to myself:

  1. What I have just eaten or am about to eat, along with weather and traffic reports (occasionally one might slip through the net!)
  2. My exact location throughout the day where I am going next and when I am off on holiday
  3. Information about my family
  4. 1-1 conversations going backwards and forwards. I use the Direct Message facility. Not every communication needs to be in the public domain  and I doubt my followers are interested

By having my do’s and don’ts in mind it stops me hitting the publish button if there is any inkling of doubt about sharing.

And spending some time defining your  social voice  helps for people to get an idea of the real person behind the communication. I talked more about this  recently on Scarletta’s Blog  Finding Your Social Voice.

Scarletta Tip:

If you wouldn’t say something to a room full of strangers, then don’t post online. Best to proceed with caution than regret something sent later on.

I believe that social media is science and art blended together and one without the other just doesn’t work.

If you want to put your social media marketing on the right path ask yourself what’s missing? And commit to taking  appropriate action to fix and tweak.

Do you think social media  is and art and science? How do you get the balance just right for you? I would love to know your views.

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4 thoughts on “Practical and Authentic Social Media Marketing

  1. Ute Wieczorek-King

    For me it is not so much Art vs Science, but Art as well as Science, with science being the technology, understanding how it all works and how to measure. The Art is the psychology behind it that you need personality and creativity for, as well as an understanding how good communication works.

    Personally if it had just been about the science -which you can learn very quickly anyway- I would have lost interest in social media years ago. It is the ‘art’ that keeps me going 🙂

  2. Melanie Post author

    So it does become the “Art of Social Media” is this where we talk about those that “Get It” and those who don’t?

    If you haven’t got a personable approach and the communication skills then that could be the biggest reason when social media doesn’t work. Thanks Ute for your comment and I wholeheartedly agree Art and Science = social success :- )

  3. Hela Wozniak-Kay

    I think it’s both an art and a science. Chitter-chatter with without measurement and analysis doesn’t offer any insights. Over analysing on the other hand turns us into robots.

    It’s also about being intuitive, authentic, engaging and entertaining. The clue is in the ‘social’ bit. Those who still believe it’s a sales channel to peddle goods and services unrelentlessly and talk only about the ‘me’ have missed the point completely and have no regard for social etiquette.

    Great post Melanie. See you in #pinterestland.

  4. Melanie Post author

    Absolutely agree Hela with the intuitive, authentic, engaging and entertaining elements, fundamental to successful social etiquette 🙂 And I’ll be pinning!

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