Traditional Marketing Has Evolved Thanks to the Social Revolution

The “traditional” way of marketing your petite business is to focus on them. The people you want to become your clients and customers. The people you want to be interested enough to like your Facebook page. The people you want to tell others about you.

The big challenge is to try and get inside their heads and personas and to understand what car they drive, where they like to shop, what brands they love and how old they are. And on the list goes.

But the social revolution has totally changed this marketing methodology

Because now people are seen as brands in their own right. Regardless of the job title and products and services on offer. Social media is used to market our petite businesses AND ourselves. And if you’re offering a service based business just like mine, the reality is now we are the business and the brand.

People want to get to know, love and trust us before they do business

Modern marketing isn’t all about demographics, statistics and the same old one-sized fits all formulas on rinse and repeat.

Modern marketing is about connecting deeply with you AND them. So that’s you, your clients and your people.

Which means you have to work on articulating and figuring out who you are as a person. Be very clear on expressing your vision, mission, beliefs and values. As well as learn to know yourself inside out as you are today.

And then with this growing and evolving foundation in place you start to build an authentic social style, living brand and online presence that truly represents you and your petite business.

One that resonates and “speaks” to your kind of people.

When you have a pretty good grip on this it becomes so much easier to share your insights, wisdom, skills and knowledge. To market your business and be human. And magically attract the right kind of people towards you who get it. And get you too.

I’ve been doing a lot of talking specifically about what has changed in the eight years that I started out with Scarletta and the brilliant opportunity we still have to create a petite business from scratch and leverage social sites and the internet at our disposal today.

But the big difference now is people expect to be able to find out who we are and what we stand for at the click of a button. Our Millennials have grown up with only this mindset and the old school marketing approach is now very out-dated.

Which means many female entrepreneurs and petite business owners are playing catch up. So if you need to get to grips with your living brand and authentic social style get in touch.


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