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Technology Business Tools on the Move

Mel and iPhone Small WebMy overall  objective for Scarletta Media is that it operates as a mobile virtual business. So I can work anywhere with a decent Internet connection whilst on the move with  my iPhone and occasionally  my laptop.

On the move…..

I have been constantly on the move, with a trip up to the North-East with the family I kept up-to date with Scarletta business and anything urgent with my iPhone.

Then Mr Scarletta and I had a trip to Madeira for a week’s break and even though we weren’t supposed to be working or online at all, the iPhone came up trumps yet again to keep an eye on e-mails, social networks and be in touch with my family, but more on that later.

What I love about my iPhone is the abundance of Apps available which means I have everything I need whilst on the move.

I couldn’t work without:

  • My RSS reader to keep an eye on blog posts and feeds I follow
  • Twitter and Tweetdeck for obvious reasons (although did really try to abstain from tweeting as I was supposed to be on holiday and a tweet detox!)
  • Facebook again for obvious social reasons
  • LinkedIn this one for professional reasons
  • Evernote which is just brilliant for reminders, taking quick photos for ideas for blogs or any random thoughts that I have and saving them for when I get home. And haven’t got pen and paper handy.

All of these Apps along with access to my e-mail and phone have been my lifeline, especially as I have spent so much time recently  travelling  on and in planes, trains and automobiles.

Unexpected but wonderful arrival…….

Whilst in Madeira my brand new niece Emily arrived 9 weeks earlier than expected taking us all by surprise.

My trusty iPhone was constantly in my hand and in use to keep in touch with my family until we got back to the UK 24 hours later.

3 weeks on, every day Emily is making progress and to say we all feel so very blessed to have her here safe and sound is an understatement. And of course I am a very, very proud Auntie Mel always on hand to supply lots of cuddles with Emily when required.

So with all this going on it has totally tested my mobile virtual business to the limit. But with a few pieces of technology I have still been able to function and keep Scarletta going.

And technology has really served us well too as there have been so many pictures flying around of Emily by text message, on Facebook and e-mail so family and friends can see her too and keep up with new developments.

I have realised that a robust back-up plan is a pretty great idea. So do you have one for your business?

What Apps could you not live without in a crisis, any recommendations to share would be gratefully received have your say below?

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Switching Off From Social Media and Gadgets

Mobile devices and smart phones providing us with constant access to e-mail and text messages 24/7 how many of us actually switch off and don’t have a sneaky peek at our e-mails during the weekend?

The great thing with having email on the move is that you have the option to deal with messages as you go and no longer have to plough through endless e-mails on your 1st day back at work following any time off. The downside of this is that you never completely switch off and surely it isn’t healthy to be constantly open all hours.

It really wasn’t that long ago that we all survived without having a mobile phone with web browsing and texting.

Look up and around now and then

Everywhere I go I notice more and more people with their head down, hand clamped to their phone scrolling, reading or frantically texting away, this can be anywhere walking along, on the station platform, on the train, in the queue at the supermarket or even whilst sat having lunch or dinner with other people.

So with our anytime online accessible culture is everything now so important that it cannot wait?

Three’s a crowd

I went for lunch with a friend a while ago, I didn’t realise at the time that there were 3 of us going for lunch, my friend, me and his BlackBerry.

My friend constantly checked the BlackBerry as he was waiting for an important e-mail to come through that could not wait another 45 minutes until we had finished eating and got back to the office.

When the mail did come through he then had to make a phone call that again couldn’t wait.

In the end as you can imagine I got a little miffed with this and said “If you don’t put that down we won’t be going to lunch again”.

I have even been in meetings where other attendee’s have their phones out as if it is OK to constantly keep checking and responding to e-mails during the meeting, tapping away whilst everyone else just waits until they have finished!

It’s OK to have some virtual social downtime

Having the ability to work virtually and remotely is fantastic it provides so much flexibility to us all and without this I wouldn’t have a business, but there is such a thing as downtime.

So over the last couple of weeks I have turned off my laptop and phone well before bedtime and guess what?

I can happily report that nothing of a catastrophic nature has happened overnight and I haven’t missed out on some online conversation that I should have been a part of.

I am still a little distracted but am working on it and give whatever else I am doing my full attention. I don’t want to be the person who is so into what is going on in the virtual world that I am oblivious to what is happening right under my nose in the real one, especially if it means that I am no longer invited out for lunch due to my social compulsive habit.

Fear of Missing Out

So what about you, are you always open all hours and reluctant and unable to switch off from the virtual world in case you miss out?

Is your mobile, BlackBerry or iPhone the last thing you look at when you go to bed and the first thing you pick up in the morning?

Oh dear, not good, not good at all!

Or have you been on the receiving end of someone else not giving you their undivided attention and have banished all mobiles from lunch or /and dinner dates?

I would love to hear your views.

Time to take a digital detox?

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