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Who is Doing Your Social Work?

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Throughout my time in social land there is something I learnt very early on about how the social world works best. We as the petite business owners need to show up and be the ones getting stuck in, with the sharing, tweeting, liking and posting on Facebook and telling others our stories and snippets from our working day and life. Along with demonstrating our own unique voices and styles.

Managing her own social work and personal brand

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert, I love her Facebook updates and she authentically shares her own stuff. If you post a comment Elizabeth is likely to reply and read what you’ve said. She is the one doing her own social work and as you read her updates you know it is her by her tone and approach. This is a fab example of how to manage your own social work and personal brand.

In the past I took on social management projects for clients, which were overall stressful. Regular work yes, but stressful because I was not an employee of the business.

I was working remotely and my eyes could not see and my ears were not able to over hear what was going on inside the business to consider what would make excellent social stories to share. Continue reading

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Overcoming the Dreaded Bloggers Block

Did you know that Scarletta Media started out with a blog first?

I created Scarletta’s Blog in WordPress before I had a website and in the early days I just wrote whatever I wanted to. No agenda, no schedule just blogged when the mood suited.

At times it felt hard to keep up the momentum and I questioned whether or not to continue blogging at all.

Part of my own social strategy is to blog about social media news and views for small businesses. I also regularly share others content on Facebook and Twitter. This has been a good thing to do when my time is short and I want to keep up social appearances.

But somewhere along the line my blog and my voice got a little lost. The more time that passed the less inspired I became to share my own views and insights.

Avoiding the Twitter Police

There are some days when I feel self-conscious about sharing my own content or tweeting my views in case the Twitter police come out in force to get me.

This hasn’t actually happened although I have seen it happen to others and it isn’t pretty or nice.

Playing it safe is easier especially when you are expected to be a responsible business owner.

However there are times when I really don’t want to sit on the fence and play safe at all. Continue reading

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