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How I Set Up My Micro Business


I received a phone call from a marketing contact asking  if I would be interested talking to her client about how I set up Scarletta Media in 2009 and discuss how I have grown my business from home.

The request was to send a film crew over to my house to interview me and take some footage of me working.

I said yes immediately.

However I did re-emphasise that they  realised I am based at home, might not be that exciting!

It’s Noisy In Wokingham

With the appointment confirmed, they arrived had a good wander around inside and out, set up their gear in my living room and my house transformed into a mini TV studio.

I was interviewed for about an hour and a half, which was pretty tiring having to concentrate and not waffle on.

Frequent  break stops offered a little relief although I’d not noticed how noisy Wokingham is.  Planes overhead, an ice-cream van jingle, fire engine whizzing past, school kids and finally my cat Alfie meowing and wanted to escape from the bedroom and make his appearance known.

How Has Technology Helped?

So the purpose of the interview was for me to explain how technology has enabled me to launch my business and sustain it.

When I started Scarletta Media I didn’t have a big plan of having my own business, it just sort of happened.

My circumstances were very different initially as I was involved in another start-up. There wasn’t a business plan either, I just decided on a company name, thought I’d give it a go with Scarletta’s Blog and see where I’d end up.

The technology I used was our home PC, my Black Berry, land-line and obviously the web.

That was it, and still pretty much is to this day, although a couple of new tech additions are an iPhone and iPad.

What about the Recession?

When I left my corporate job, the recession had really kicked in and I did get told on many occasions that to start up a business during a recession was bonkers. Maybe so.

But without any massive overheads, staff or infrastructure to pay out for, I really didn’t have a great deal to lose.  I just knew back then, as I still do today, that there is something about social media and I wanted to be a part of it.

Subsequently, as it has turned out social media in business has boomed.

The economic climate meant many companies found the ideal solution in taking on freelancers and using the skills from SME businesses for projects. They get the work done but don’t have to take on part or full time staff to do it.

So actually the recession hasn’t hindered the growth for Scarletta at all, but back in summer 2009 I could never have envisaged where the business is now.

What about  the Internet?

One of the questions was “How important is the Internet for your business” and my answer of course is that without the Internet or Tim Berners-Lee there would be no Scarletta.

So I am extremely grateful, what a clever man he is.

It’s a virtual micro business

From the people I have met over the last couple of years I know my story isn’t unique and it was a reminder of just how far the business has come in a short space of time.

My start up costs and overheads are minimal, I have a truly virtual business and can work from anywhere just as long as there is WiFi and a decent mobile signal.

The footage was used in a Vodafone marketing campaign. So suffice to say I am very chuffed that this global corporate organisation is interested in the Scarletta story so far.

Especially if it helps others considering starting up a business realise that in this day and age technology at our disposal helps makes anything possible.

And as for the recession, well turns out it  wasn’t actually a bad time to set up and not such a bonkers idea after all!

Do you have a virtual business? How much does the internet help your business?

Add your comment below.

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