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People of Wokingham Tweetup and Meetup

Finally Wokingham had its own tweetup held at local pub The Broad Street Tavern and a thoroughly good night social networking face-to-face was had by all.

Conversations more than 140 characters

Around 20 Twitter users local to Wokingham attended the event and spent the evening mingling with other Twitterers, having conversations that certainly lasted more than 140 characters.

It was great to see how an event organised on Twitter can bring people together and what was a little strange was the fact that many of us follow each other, so it did feel like we were already acquainted. During introductions as soon as a Twitter name was mentioned there were plenty of “I know who you are….!”

It was quite bizarre really but then that is the power of Twitter and getting to know the person behind the tweets in the real world.

In attendance were Krider2010, LuckyHarvey, Flab2Ab, 1CorporateHippy, 40_thieves, Chez-Vous, Interiors2Art, MaggieBerney, VolumeGroup, TheFFL, LegalAgents, JosieRogers, nancyhine, shabba1973, BoyDay, BeckySocial, PaulFT, DSMackie and of course ScarlettaMedia.

Here’s the hashtag

As well as meeting up in the real world, by using the hashtag #tweetupwoky everyone could see tweets with comments and feedback on Tweetupwoky’s Twitter page.

The event was supported by the Wokingham Times, unfortunately their resident Twitterer Lucy Thorne missed the tweetup as she is currently stuck in the Bahamas due to the volcanic ash, but I am hopeful that she has been able to see our tweets whilst she is there.

Thanks for your support

For everyone who has helped to promote and support the Wokingham Tweetup by joining in with the conversations and re-tweeting on Twitter thank you and those who turned up last night well what a sociable bunch we are!

I hope you all enjoyed it just as much as I did?

Due to overwhelming demand we are going to make this a regular event so you if you missed it you too can tweetup and meetup once a month.

And as for Lucy get back home very soon and join us in May!

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