Ready for a Social Media Detox?

Social media it’s relentless isn’t it? As no matter what time zone you’re in or where you’re located in the world there will always be something to read or grab your attention. Day or night.

There’s an abundance of blog posts to read, tweets to skim, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to, Facebook Groups to keep up with. On and on it goes. Before you know it you’re well and truly sucked into the social vortex, bouncing around the Internet from one thing to another, reading and downloading and it’s tricky to get yourself back out into the safety of the real world.

So do you recognise the signs for when you need to take a social breather?

After eight years working online the warning signs for me are always:

Brain overload. 

My brain is at maximum social information capacity and will not play anymore. Usually by Thursday afternoon’s I’ve had it. I am done.

I am a big reader with social content online, to paperback books and magazines. I live to read. But now I have learnt to recognise the warning signs and stop reading. Everything.

Sometimes this is for a few hours. Or I need longer with a couple of days. Or when I am feeling ever-so frazzled a bigger pause is required and I’ll sign off on Thursday evening and won’t sign back in until Monday. As it’s no longer a social detox, it’s a “no social reading detox”. This I highly recommend for all frazzled and overloaded brains.

The need for real human beings for conversation and connection.

Working from home I am used to my own company. So much so it’s hard for me to to write, create or work with any noise whatsoever.

But us human beings crave human interaction. And with lots of online friends there’s always someone to chat to online in Facebook groups, pages and on Twitter or Instagram.

However, being online is definitely not the same as meeting up in person. And my soul sister friends give amazing big comforting hugs, which Skype and Zoom simply cannot replicate.

When I realise that I am attempting to engage our post lady in conversation again, it’s time to get offline and meet up with  lovely like minded humans in person. It’s always worth the effort. And the hugs!

Not getting any “real” work done.

If I totted up how many hours I have spent online doing “research” which in reality means often drifting online signing up for downloads I really don’t want or need, getting drawn into other social conversations and scrolling through Twitter just because. I realise that truthfully and honestly I am not getting any “real work” done.

And by work this means me being in my creative cave, writing, taking action towards my own goals, focusing on growing my petite business and putting my own stuff out there to aid my own visibility and reach.

Eventually it dawns on me that I don’t need more well meaning advice. What I really do need is to start listening to my intuition and inner guidance, then I know precisely what to do. Focus solely on this and get on with what I intend to do. Not what someone else tells me online I must have and do.

If you’re feeling frazzled with too much online information take a breather

Stop reading for a while. Hit pause. Give you brain time to settle down. Go and chat to people in the real world. Give people nice hugs. People you know obviously, start with them.

And then you’ll find suddenly magic happens, you get your creative mojo back. Your brain is feeling hunky dory and as for the social world, it can always wait.

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