Does Your About Page Say Enough About You?

Berlin Wall

Probably at the top of the list of social and online challenges is telling others about ourselves. Knowing what to share, what to withhold and what are the necessities to include.

Being authentic online isn’t all about being social, it’s about being seen and giving outsiders the opportunity to get to know us better and the ideal place to do this is within our virtual homes.

So it’s worth knowing the about page on your website and blog is likely to be the place visitors head to first. They are not necessarily interested in the services you offer first of all, what they do want is to gauge an understanding of who the person is behind the business.

Tell me all about you?

Working with Scarletta clients on their about pages is often an enormous challenge, as there are plenty of barriers to overcome. The usual gremlins that appear are feeling vulnerable, exposed, self conscious and not wanting to be in the spotlight. We all have them.

The trick is to consider how to make our about pages personable, without bearing our souls to an uncomfortable level.

Why does this matter?

A beautifully crafted and authentic about page is often the start of like minded connections and fabulous working relationships.

When outsiders can see and read about you and your petite business in a heartfelt way they’ll get you immediately.

Your about page gives you the opportunity to inspire others with your story, shines a spotlight on your expertise and enables you to connect with your tribe without trying to appeal to everyone and anyone.

Often when I dig deeper there is a beautiful story behind every petite business.

Something may have happened to change your life and outlook, which may just be how you ended up creating your business and choosing to serve others the way you do?

My life totally changed when I launched Scarletta. And it continues to change and evolve.

Which means the about page I had initially definitely no longer fits where I am now nor where I am heading looking ahead. (Nor do I look the same, hair is shorter and blonder, and I am older and definitely wiser!!)

So my Social Challenge to you is this:

Does your about page really capture the essence of you and your petite business today?

Take a look and have a read through.

Does the copy fit with who you are now? Are you enabling outsiders to get to know you better?

When you are ready to make some big changes or even a few tweaks here are some pointers to get you flowing with more personable information that you can add to your about page:

  • When did you start your start your petite business and what was the trigger?
  • Who do you enjoy working with and what outcomes do you love to achieve?
  • What are your values, what do you believe in and are you willingly sharing this information?
  • Has your business changed your life and how? Share your story.
  • What is your big why? Why do you love what you do?

Use a pencil/pen and paper to free flow with this task as it’s great to let everything be scribbled down and then cherry pick bits and pieces you want to include later.

The intention for your about page is to blend your background, expertise, personality and give an authentic overview of you. And by sharing our stories we inspire others. Believe it or not people do want to know about you, not just what you do.

When your about page is written and presented in your own style and voice you’ll attract the right sort of people towards you, you’ll look and sound like the real you helping to boost your integrity and credibility. And it’s your USP and point of difference right there in a nutshell.

Internet copycats beware – no one else can be you or your petite business!

Don’t forget to update your photo images too so that you actually look like you do in real life, a gorgeous head shot is totally worth the investment.

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