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Social Media One-to-One Tutorials

Mel GroupIf you are looking for social media training, whether it’s learning how and what to tweet on Twitter, how to showcase your talent on LinkedIn, what is social on Facebook, or if you really want to go for it and launch your own blog, a Scarletta one-to one tutorial is perfect to learn exactly what you want to.

You learn at your own pace, have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and get step-by-step on-line training to help you move things along quickly for your social business.

What’s involved?

The tutorial session is two hours and we can meet face-to-face if you work or live nearby or if not we can meet on-line using Skype. We’ll work on-line as much as possible so you will tick things off the to-do list as we go along.

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Scarletta Group Workshops

A Scarletta half day workshop is sociable way to learn as a group and is designed for up to 8 mel Group Wpeople.

So this could be those within your business or even getting a group of friends together. If you split the fee it helps make it a very cost effective but productive and fun session.

On the Scarletta Workshop menu:

  • TwitterTweet Your Way to Business Success
  • LinkedIn Create Opportunities Online Using LinkedIn
  • FacebookUse Facebook to Grow Your Social Business

Tweet Your Way To Business Success

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media tools around and businesses of all types are actively using Twitter to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their websites, network and collaborate.

Create Business Opportunities Online Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, with four million UK members, enabling you to connect with your trusted contacts and exchange ideas, knowledge and business opportunities.

Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Did you know that more than half a billion people have a Facebook account and the average visitor spends 55 minutes per day logged on to the site? So Facebook offers an outstanding opportunity to connect with people who like your brand, product or service, and create an online community around your business.

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