10 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Someone Online?

  1. Lisa McLoughlin

    Oh my, I could not have said it better myself… I am a bit sick of the gloss and the regurgitation of the formulaic stuff……Yes my word of the year is JUICY. Unless it feels juicy I am saying NO…so that reflects in my online presence…more discerning, more vulnerable, more truth, more REAL. Thank you for echoing what is in my heart. Your words always strike a powerful chord with me. Thank you xxx

  2. Lesley Pyne

    Well said Melanie, there are too many glossy selfies out there and it’s so much better to stay real.
    I heard the wonderful Brene Brown say that many other people have written about shame but she’s more popular because she confesses to still struggling with it. That’s the challenge for us all, to show up & to be honest & open when we’re struggling.

  3. Helen Rebello

    This post makes me want to stand up and cheer and shout ‘Hell Yes’ in a very loud, un-British stylee!! I could not agree more – thank you for sharing this inspired, refreshing view on the ‘game’ of social media. I’m sure I’ve been guilty at times of sharing great stuff over-excitedly (because I do get over-excited!), but I do not see the point in this being the default mode – how on earth is that meant to resonate and connect with anyone who might benefit from your insights?! You have to meet people on the ground, not up in the sky!

  4. Linda Anderson

    Great post, Melanie, thank you for sharing.

    I absolutely agree with you, many of us are waking up to the fact that these ‘digitally perfect illusions’ are not real life and in fact belong to the old paradigm. Thank the lord for cheerleaders for authenticity (like Brene Brown) who have the courage to reveal their perfectly imperfect selves :-).

  5. Melanie Post author

    Absolutely Lesley, it’s no use telling others to do it if you aren’t willing to yourself and be in the arena as BB would say.

  6. Melanie Post author

    Love it Helen, being grounded and not away in la-la land is definitely keeping it real!

  7. Melanie Post author

    That is was forges the deeper connections honest authenticity and just look at how Brene’s tribe has flourished with those who are willing to step up and out there 🙂

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