Social Media Strategy and Styling at Scarletta Media

Online and Social Media Styling Sessions for Petite Businesses


Hello, so I take it you’re here as you are ready to start showing the online world what you and you’re petite business are really all about?


As I love working with petite businesses and female entrepreneurs who have integrity, heart and soul and want to use the internet and social media to be seen, heard and trusted as an expert.

And go on to become a unique social voice of sound knowledge and wisdom, and choose to help serve others in an authentic and powerful way.

But maybe you haven’t a clue how to do this?

Or maybe you know you’re hiding and do not feel able to openly speak your truth and share with others?

Or you simply realise that even though you’re showing up online, spending precious time and energy diligently posting, commenting and sharing, your social content fails to hit the mark with the people you really want to reach.

Because ultimately it’s the same as everyone else is doing. Just blending in.

And now you feel that social media is failing to make any difference to your petite business.

So you’re wondering what to do now?

I became immersed in the social world for business in 2008. And then went on to create my own business, Scarletta Media in 2009 with nothing other than a free WordPress Blog and Vistaprint flowery website. Yes really.

Since then a lot has changed. The social revolution truly arrived. And my petite business grew from teaching small businesses how to tweet and create their own Facebook business pages to what it is today. And that is focused on helping you get seen, loved and trusted online for the incredible expertise, gifts, wisdom and knowledge that you have to help others in your own unique online social style.

My job is to bring the real you to life in the virtual world, help you work out what you really want to say, stop hiding and start showing up powerfully and creating a unique social media style and living brand that fits around you, your petite business and your kind of people.

That is precisely what I have done with my living brand and petite business Scarletta. And I’d love to show you how to do this too.

Working Together

Social Media Transformation Day

Create a distinctive online strategy and a powerful social style and living brand for your petite business. As now is the right time to stop blending in with everyone else online and propel you and your petite business powerfully forward.

When you know you want to get to the heart and soul of your business and start expressing your work, authentic wisdom and expertise online to connect more deeply with the people who need you, you may be wondering where to begin. So let’s do this very important work together.

Need a rapid online transformation find out more and we’ll get you booked in?

The Social Media Styling 1-1 Sessions

When you feel stuck with your social media activity or are wondering where to begin or what do next the Scarletta Social 1-1 Sessions are ideal for overcoming specific challenges and learning some new social techniques.

The sessions can be booked and purchased as a one off 90 minute Skype session. Or you may need more. So there are alternative packages available.

And regardless of where you’re located in the world we can find a suitable time zone to work together.

Interested in booking your social 1-1 sessions get in touch?