Social Media Support Service

Keep the conversation going and your creative content flowing online

You want to be part of the social scene but have no time to chat, you have plenty of fabulous social content, but no time to share. You need to remind your sociable customers that you do still exist but have a lack of dedicated resource or social expertise in-house.

So how can you be a social petite business and keep your social buzz on track?

Scarletta Social Media Support Service

Ever feel like you’d love someone else to take care of your social media activity for a while, so you can focus on all the other things you need to do, like running your business, working with clients and getting very important stuff done?

This is where the Scarletta Social Media Support Service is ideal. Working closely with you and becoming an “online marketing extension” of your petite business, so that when you’re feeling the pressure, overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time or resource for your social media marketing Scarletta will ensure you continue to be part of the social scene.

As we all know it takes valuable time and effort to maintain a social presence, build new connections, grow relationships, share fresh creative content, ensure there’s consistency and maintain a professional reputation. And then on top of that find time to post, Instagram and tweet.

Here’s an idea of what get’s taken care of:

  • Joining in with the conversation, building trust and raising awareness of your petite business, expertise and services all in your own social style
  • Listening and responding to your followers whilst keeping you informed of the chatter
  • Management of multiple social media accounts to share valuable content to help keep things interesting and the conversation flowing
  • Engaging with your community and participating with discussions around your product or service
  • Helping you manage your personal brand, social style and reputation whilst providing outstanding customer service
  • Maximising efficiency and working to a simple social communication schedule
  • Measuring the effects and results of what we’re doing every month to gauge what works and where there’s scope for improvement

And here’s the really great thing, the social support packages are flexible. Maybe you just need a hand to launch a new service, product, book or event.

Or you know you want to commit to something longer term and would love to outsource your social activity for three months, six months or more. Scarletta will support you with your social media marketing for as long as you need.


Contact Melanie to have a chat about exactly what help you need and to discuss the range of social media support services on offer. And we’ll take it from there.