Customer Success: What It Is and How It Will Help Retain Them



A Customer Success team goes far beyond tracking and solving problems. It is essential to retain and retain

The relationship between businesses and customers and consumer behavior is changing dramatically. This happens mainly after the growing use by customers of social networks — and the internet as a whole — to position themselves against or in favor of a brand.

Also, it’s much easier these days to find other vendor options. After all, with technology, this happens regardless of geographic location.

In this context, how to retain customers and make them have a fantastic experience with your product or service?

The answer may be simpler than you might think: bet on a Customer Success team! Read on to learn how it will help you retain customers and ensure successful customer service as a differentiator for your business.

Understand what it is and how to achieve customer service success

What is Customer Success

Customer Success—or Customer Success—goes far beyond simple customer service or support. It is a strategic area of ​​the company that has goals and objectives, challenges and an essential condition: proactivity.

See how easy it is to understand what customer success is?

The Customer Success area is responsible for ensuring that your customers use your product or service correctly. In addition, they must ensure that customers have a good experience with it.

They must be able to provide full support to customers, but they must also go beyond that.

Now that you understand what Customer Success is, let’s go to some other important points for those looking to know how to improve customer service.

Difference between Customer Success and Support

The main difference between a Support team and a Customer Success team is exactly the proactivity.

While the first one waits for the customer to have a question or problem with the product, the second makes sure that they are acting correctly, achieving results and understanding the logic of the product or service.

In SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, where payment is usually made monthly, the Customer Success team has an even more important role: to ensure that customers remain customers and avoid the infamous Churn Rate).

Customizing service in the customer success area

Ideal Customer Success offers personalized service. It knows — through its own or third-party software — how the customer uses the product/service, what their frequently asked questions are, and even what support materials the customer has downloaded from the company’s website.

Each piece of information is essential to personalize the dialogue and generate customer confidence.

This trust, combined with the professional’s competence and knowledge of the product or service and of the market, will be fundamental for customer loyalty and their total satisfaction with the brand.

Achieve success in customer service with a vision of opportunities and value creation

Another very important feature in a good Customer Success team is the ability to see opportunities and generate value in the product/service.

When observing that a certain customer has, for example, a great possibility of achieving results with a more advanced package (the so-called upsell), the professional must make a prospectus and alert this customer.

The opposite is also true. If a customer has a plan that is more advanced than their needs, it is indicated that Customer Success alerts them to how they can achieve their goals with a cheaper product/service.

At first glance, this information may appear to be taking money away from the company. But the truth is that the professional is retaining and retaining the customer, as that way he will start to trust the company and the professional.

Find out what the best Customer Success practices are

More than retaining the consumer, guaranteeing your customer’s success is guaranteeing the success of your own company.

For this, it is necessary to invest not only in the acquisition of new customers, but also in the maintenance of current customers. This way, they will be able to see value in the services offered by your company and understand how you can help them achieve their business goals.

This is a great challenge for B2B companies and, therefore, in this post, we have separated the best practices of Customer Success, able to help you increase your retention rate and, consequently, your company’s profits.

See below:

1- Segment your customers

Customer segmentation is one of the best practices in Customer Success. Through it, you can monitor your company’s customers more closely and help them determine a good work model and what actions can be taken to achieve your goals.

With careful segmentation, your Customer Success team will be able to be more efficient in their services. This is because you will be used to dealing with common problems and situations in each segment. In this way, it builds the level of experience necessary to identify which actions can be taken to generate more results.

what is customer success

Find out what are the best practices of Customer Success

2- Have well-defined processes

There is no point in segmenting your customers to ensure that teams are well aware of the peculiarities of each situation if there are no well-defined processes. After all, they are able to organize and facilitate the management work in any situation.

For this reason, it is important to establish basic procedures, from onboarding, which is the reception of new customers, the customer training process, contract renewals and even new sales.

In this sense, it is necessary to know how to align the customer and sales success teams.

Make it clear that your company has efficient processes that will guarantee the delivery of what was promised within the expected time. Thus, your client will feel more secure, as he will know that his team is prepared to advise him in the best way.

3- Monitor all sector results

All actions performed by the Customer Success area must seek a specific result. And then, it is up to the company to define what it will be: obtaining some information from its client, carrying out an action or even achieving the results.

Therefore, it is important that you follow the results of each action. That way you’ll know what went right and needs to be repeated and what didn’t work and needs to be fixed.

In addition, your Customer Success team should be concerned about the churn rate. For that, you need to work to reduce it as much as possible. And don’t forget to carefully understand the reasons for your customers’ cancellations! These data can help you a lot to further improve your service.

4- Understand the difference between customer success and happiness

The objective of a Customer Success team is to guarantee the achievement of the expected results. This goes far beyond just making the customer happy.

Although, at first, these situations seem to be the same thing, not always what your client wants is what he really needs to get better results.

The focus to achieve customer service success should always be to focus on achieving goals.

Remember: happiness is subjective. It’s a feeling that can vary according to the situation, while the results are concrete, precise and unquestionable.

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